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The title of “Pharaoh” was often used for ancient Egyptian rulers, and this practice stretched from 3150 BC until 30 BC. The name conjures up images of pyramids, deserts, and mummies, and Bally has chosen it as the theme for one of their more popular slots.

Available at both online and land-based casinos, Pharaoh’s Dream offers five reels and 40 paylines, as well as a top jackpot worth 5,000.00. There’s a single bonus round to shoot for, and fans of Egyptian mythology are sure to be pleased with the overall atmosphere generated by the symbols and music.

Return to Player

The return to player (which is also known as the “RTP”) is a percentage that indicates the long-term payback of a specific game. For example, if a slot paid back (on average) 95.00 for every 100.00 deposited by the player, then the RTP would be listed as 95%.

Knowing the return-to-player is incredibly helpful, as the player can determine the overall profit potential for a game. Luckily, this percentage is usually higher with online games, as the increased level of competition leads designers to create machines that are slightly more profitable for the customer.

According to data provided by Bally, the RTP for the virtual version of Pharaoh’s Dream is 94%. This is about average for an online slot, and it’s superior to a lot of games you’ll find on the floor of land-based casinos.

Cost to Play

This machine has 40 paylines, so the minimum penny wager should be 0.40. However, the game tacks on a bonus fee, so the actual minimum is 0.50. On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum allowable wager is 500.00. As with most Bally games, there are a wide range of available denominations between these two extremes.

Biggest Payout

If the player risks the largest possible amount (500.00), then the top payout is worth 5,000.00. While this number is nothing to scoff at, you have to risk a sizable amount of cash in order to be eligible for the win. In truth, only 10 losing spins at the maximum bet would cancel out the amount of the top jackpot, so it’s smart to stick to lower denominations.

Pharaoh’s Dream Paytable

The paytable informs the player about a specific game’s symbols and bonus levels. In this section, we’ll take a look at the icons commonly found during the base game of Pharaoh’s Dream.

Bally used a dynamic paytable, which means that the size of the player’s wager causes the overall value of each symbol to be changed. The following examples are based on a specific bet, but these numbers aren’t set in stone.

  • Nine, Ten, and Jack – These poker symbols each pay the following amounts: 1.00 for three matches, 4.00 for four, and 10.00 for five.
  • Queen, King, and Ace – Another group of poker icons, these pay 2.00 for three matches, 10.00 for four, and 20.00 for five.
  • Ankh – This ancient symbol representing life pays 3.00 for three matches, 15.00 for four, and 24.00 for five.
  • Scarab – Often used for administrative purposes, the scarab was also highly popular in fashion among the ancient Egyptians. Pays 4.00 for three matches, 20.00 for four, and 30.00 for five.
  • Eye of Horus – A symbol of royal power and protection, this icon pays 6.00 for three matches, 40.00 for four, and 100.00 for five.
  • Sphinx – While it doesn’t offer a payout, getting this icon on reels one, three, and five result in 10 free games and a 4x payout of the total stake.
  • Pyramid – Serves as the game’s wild icon and substitutes for all symbols except the scatter. Pays 6.00 for three matches, 40.00 for four, and 100.00 for five.

Free Games Bonus

If the scattered sphinx symbol appears on reels one, three, and five, then the Free Games Bonus is activated. Ten free spins are awarded, as well as 4x the total stake wagered. All free games are played at the triggering amount, and additional spins can’t be earned.

During free games, stacked wilds substitute for all symbols and appear on the second through fifth reels. If stacked wilds fill up an entire reel, they lock and stay there until the free spins have been concluded.  The stacked wilds come in a few different forms, including an ancient pyramid and three types of divine energy.


The Pharaoh’s Dream slot machine from Bally is a simple game that offers low volatility. It’s a safe play for cautious gamblers, although veterans and high rollers are likely to become frustrated with the small payout totals. If you’re counting on a slot machine to radically alter your financial future, I suggest giving one of the company’s other games a try.

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