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Bally Technologies has enjoyed great success with their Quick Hit line of slot machines, and Black Gold follows in the footsteps of titles such as Cash Wheel and Platinum Black and White 7s. This high volatility game features 30 fixed paylines, a 450.00 maximum wager, free spin rounds, and multiple progressive jackpots.

Quick Hit Black Gold Paytable

Thanks to a slot machine’s pay table, the player can learn about the game’s symbols, their possible combinations, and all the available payouts. Just keep in mind that the numbers below are based on a specific wager, and any alteration to this amount will result in a different payout.

  • Any Bar – In order to get this smallest payout, the player needs any combination of the one, two, and three bar symbols to turn up on the reels.
  • Bell – Pays 5.00 for three matches, 25.00 for four, and 50.00 for five.
  • Cherry – Pays 5.00 for three matches, 25.00 for four, and 50.00 for five.
  • One Bar – Pays 5.00 for three matches, 25.00 for four, and 50.00 for five.
  • Two Bar – Pays 10.00 for three matches, 50.00 for four, and 100.00 for five.
  • Three Bar – Pays 25.00 for three matches, 100.00 for four, and 200.00 for five.
  • Dollar – Pays 50.00 for three matches, 150.00 for four, and 250.00 for five.
  • Red Seven – Pays 100.00 for three matches, 500.00 for four, and 750.00 for five.
  • Wild – Pays 200.00 for three matches, 1,000.00 for four, and 2,000.00 for five. In addition, this symbol substitutes for all others (with the exception of the scatter).

Quick Hit Jackpots

At any point during a session, the player may wind up with five or more Quick Hit scatter symbols on the reels. This results in a Quick Hit jackpot, and these are usually tied to progressives at brick-and-mortar casinos.

Here’s an example of some possible payouts, based on what I saw during one of my recent gaming excursions:

  • 5 Quick Hits – $50.36
  • 6 Quick Hits – $316.72
  • 7 Quick Hits – $500.02
  • 8 Quick Hits – $3,705.58
  • 9 Quick Hits – $23,454.90

If you’re playing the game at a virtual casino, the payouts for these symbols are likely to be fixed.

Black Gold Wild Bonus Pick

If the player gets three or more Black Gold Wild symbols, they’ll be taken to the Black Gold Wild Bonus Pick screen. There, they’ll be presented with 20 mystery tiles and asked to make selections. There are six different hidden values, and these include the following:

  • 20 free games with 3x multiplier
  • 15 free games with a 2x multiplier
  • 11 free games with a 2x multiplier
  • 10 free games with a 2x multiplier
  • 7 free games with a 2x multiplier
  • 5 free games with a 2x multiplier

The player continues until three matching items are selected. The free games start immediately afterwards, with the spins and bonus multiplier determined by the trio of matching icons.

Free Games Fever

When three or more Free Games Fever symbols land on reels two through four, the player activates a bonus round of the same name. They’ll be whisked to a new screen with 18 hidden tiles and asked to keep choosing until they get three matches for one of the following:

  • Quick Hit Fever
  • Locking Wilds
  • 3X Pays
  • 2X Pays

Quick Hit Fever

When this bonus is activated, the player receives 10 free spins. The Quick Hit turns up on almost every spin, often filling an entire reel for bonus wins. Since these icons are used to unlock the top jackpots, getting this bonus can result in some serious cash payouts.

Locking Wilds

The locking wild symbol appears during these 10 spins. When this occurs, the locking wilds remain on the screen for the duration of the bonus.

3X Pays Free Games

If the player manages to get a trio of these icons during the pick ‘em round, they’ll receive 10 free spins at triple the listed value. The reels are slightly different from the base game, and the player won’t have access to the Free Games Fever symbol. They will, however, be able to get the Quick Hit scatters.

A top payout of 60,000.00 is available when four Black Gold Wild icons appear on the reels. Otherwise, symbol values are the same as what’s listed on the paytable.

2X Pays Free Games

If the player activates this bonus from the pick ‘em screen, they’ll receive 10 bonus spins with double payouts. The bonus reels differ from the base game, and the Free Games Fever icon isn’t available. However, Quick Hit scatter pays can be obtained.

If the player lands four Black Gold Wild symbols, they’ll win 60,000.00. Otherwise, symbols deliver as described in the paytable.


Quick Hit Black Gold from Bally isn’t the most visually impressive machine, but it more than makes up for this fact by offering multiple bonus rounds worth lots of cash. Progressive jackpots can be won during any spin, which is one of the main reasons why the Quick Hit series has been so successful for the company.

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