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Imagine yourself in the depths of space. Now, envision a scenario where alien invaders have come to lay waste to your planet. Will you be able to fend them off, or will the combined might of their weapons reduce your homeworld to a smoldering pile of rubble?

This is the challenge posed by Total Blast, a slot machine created and manufactured by Bally Technologies. Featuring five reels and 40 paylines, it fully embraces a space theme that’s often overlooked by game designers.

Cost to Play

Bally has a longstanding tradition of requiring all paylines to be active during a spin. While this has resulted in some customers looking elsewhere for their slot machine action, most are happy enough to play along.

Total Blast has a minimum denomination of 0.01, which means the cheapest spin costs 0.40. This should be affordable for even the stingiest of penny players, but the game’s maximum wager is where it really stands apart.

High rollers should be thrilled to learn that this game features a maximum wager of 1,000.00 per line. That means you can risk up to 40,000.00 per spin, which is a level reserved for only the most ambitious (and wealthy) of gamblers.


I’ve long been a critic of the overall appearance of slot machines from Bally, although I’m happy to report that Total Blast is a cut above most of their releases. Much of this praise is due to the bonus levels, as the distinct look and feel of a 1980’s video game is welcome from an aesthetic standpoint. There’s also the music, which is sure to delight fans of hair metal due to the inclusion of Europe’s “The Final Countdown.”

Hit Percentage

During my research, I found one report that claimed to reveal the game’s overall hit percentage. This indicates how often the player can expect to get a winning spin, even if the payout amount is less than what was initially wagered.

According to this unsubstantiated report, the hit frequency for Total Blast is a paltry 37%. I’m not sure I believe that percentage, but I thought it should be passed on in the interest of being as informative as possible.


If Total Blast sounds like, well, a total blast, then you’ll need to jump into your spaceship and chart a course for the nearest brick-and-mortar casino. Most of Bally’s titles begin as land-based games, and this one is no exception.

Unfortunately, it’s yet to be released for PC or mobile gaming. This could change in the future, however, so check back with your favorite virtual casino from time to time.

Reel Symbols

When you examine the reel icons during the base game, you’ll find symbols that are perfectly in keeping with the title’s intergalactic theme. Spaceships and planets are the order of the day, although those annoying playing card values are also represented. There’s nothing to get too excited about here, although the designers haven’t done anything to embarrass themselves.

Alien Attack Feature

In order to trigger this exciting feature, you’ll need to get a Bonus icon on reels one and five. As soon as this occurs, the player is teleported to another screen and tasked with protecting a world from extraterrestrial invaders. To accomplish this, you’ll need to use the game’s touchpad to shoot down passing ships and earn bonus credits in the process.

Once this bonus has concluded, a pick ‘em feature is initiated. Rows and columns of spaceships appear, and you’ll be asked to select one by pressing on the screen.

Each selection reveals a number of free credits, although this causes other ships to disappear or explode. The round continues until all ships are eliminated, at which time the player receives their reward and gets whisked back to the base game.

Free Spin Bonus Feature

This bonus round is activated when a scatter symbol turns up on the first, third, and fifth reels. The player receives five free spins as a reward, with the triggering wager being doubled for the duration.

During the free spins, the wild icons take the form of colored space crystals. These icons show up in abundance, so there should be plenty of opportunities to increase your winnings.


The Total Blast slot machine from Bally Technologies is a lot of fun, especially for anyone who grew up during the 1980s. The Alien Attack bonus is reminiscent of the arcade games from a bygone era, and the addition of “The Final Countdown” to the game’s soundtrack is a nice touch. The diversity of betting options is also a major selling point, allowing players to risk anywhere from 0.40 to a whopping 40,000.00 per spin.

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