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The life of royalty is a life we all wish we could have. When you’re born into royalty, you don’t spend your formative years trying to scrape together enough money to buy a soda from the corner store. When you’re a royal, everything you need is within arms reach at all times; and if it isn’t, there’s sure to be someone close by who can fetch it for you.

Now you can get a small taste of what it’s like to live the life of royalty with Barcrest’s Crown Gems slot game. Don your finest crown and spin the royal reels for a chance to win grand prizes and solidify your position at the top of the castle.

Features & How to Play

There are 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 paylines in Crown Gems. The number of paylines is fixed so it can’t be changed, which means your bet per line will always be multiplied by 10. The smallest amount you can bet per line is 0.01 and the largest possible bet per line is 50.00, giving you plenty of wiggle room. If you click the numbered squares on either side of the game, that payline will be shown.

Crown Gems also has a Hi Roller feature, a common addition to Barcrest slot games. Pressing this button gives you a chance to play high-risk, high-reward slots with larger bets. The minimum bet for five Hi Roller spins is 20.00 and the maximum is 50.00. During these spins, extra paylines are added to the reels. There are 20 paylines with a bet of 20.00 for five spins, 30 paylines for a bet of 30.00, and so on. Unlike in many of Barcrest’s slot games with Hi Roller/Big Bet features, there is no different paytable for the Hi Roller feature in Crown Gems.

The symbols in Crown Gems pay out for matches of 3 or more of a kind on a payline. In order from lowest to highest value, the symbols are the 10, J and Q, the K and A, the emerald, the sapphire, the ruby, and the crown. The largest possible win is 5,000x your bet per line which comes from landing five crowns on a payline. With the maximum bet of 50.00 per line, the largest possible payout is 250,000.00.

You can click the “Help” button at any time to read about the rules and features of this game, view the paytable, and find more information on the largest payouts and average RTP.


Are you interested in trying Crown Gems out for free before playing for cash? Just look for this game at your favorite online casino. If you can’t find it there, do a Google search for “Crown Gems slot”—there are many websites which offer instant-play versions of this game for demo purposes.

If your country is restricted by Barcrest, you can use a proxy to bypass the restriction.

Unfortunately, you won’t have any luck playing Crown Gems on your mobile devices. This game, as well as many of Barcrest’s other games, is only accessible through a desktop computer or laptop.


Just because this game is royal in appearance doesn’t mean it’s royally fun. So how is Crown Gems? As far as the features go, this game is pretty good. It’s similar to some other slot games by Barcrest, such as Boulder Bucks, with the theme being the only stark difference. There aren’t any bonus features, scatters or free spins symbols in this game, but you can still win some pretty nice prizes and the Hi Roller feature gives you even more chances to win. Increasing the number of paylines rather than making a symbol wild was a great choice for the feature.

As far as the design goes, this game looks a bit cheesy. The colors are all super bright and shiny and everything looks a bit overproduced.

But gameplay is what really matters, and Crown Gems is, at the very least, up to snuff in that category. If playing something different or with an interesting theme is what you’re after, this may not be your game. But for anyone else, Crown Gems is at least worth a spin.

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