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When you are ready to get “All Shook Up” about your slot machine game, you need to sit down to play Elvis Top 20, which originated from the talented team at Barcrest Gaming. Based on the life and career of “The King of Rock,” Elvis Presley, Elvis Top 20 is a showcase for the musical talent of Rock and Roll’s greatest legend. While the graphics of this game are not selling any newspapers based on new ideas, the soundtracks and audio features make this a great game for classic rock and roll fans in general and Elvis in particular.

Winning on Elvis Top 20

Any one watching the cultural landscape of America in the 1950s and 1960s could readily tell that the King of Rock and Roll was winning at life. In that same spirit, winning is at the heart of this Barcrest gaming platform. With 5-reels and twenty available paylines, the opportunities for “coming up” are impressive to say the least.

By far, the largest paying combination results from the appearance of the wild symbol, the Crown, which yields a payout of 10,000 coins when five of them appear arrayed across a single payline. Needless to say, you will be on pins and needles for that last Crown to drop because getting only four results in winning a disappointing 200 coins.

The game’s next biggest payout comes with the King himself. When you see five Elvis Logos drop into place, your account will instantly be awarded 250 coins for your efforts. Unlike the bulk of the symbols however, which require three on a line to trigger a win, only two of the wild Crowns or Elvis Logos are necessary to get the win.

The other symbols in the game represent factors that are quintessentially emblematic of Elvis Presley’s career and include:

  • Gold Record
  • Pink Cadillac
  • Fat Elvis
  • Skinny Elvis

In addition to these venerable symbols, all three of the bonus symbols are scatters and trigger the bonus whenever three of them appear anywhere on the reels. For those looking at entering the bonus round, keep your eyes peeled for the three bonus symbols to signal excitement is in the offing:

  • Red Guitar
  • 1950s Juke Box
  • Golden Disc

Elvis Top 20 provides a great chance to remember the classic hits of this cultural icon while winning big stakes on the bonus rounds.

Bonus Play on Elvis Top 20

As mentioned, Elvis Top 20 offers up three distinct bonus rounds designed to excite game play. The first two, the Jukebox Jive and Guitar bonuses are quick rounds played inside the standard reel environment. When you land three of the jukebox symbols they will immediately be highlighted and superimposed with the words “pick me” across the symbol, and once chosen, the player receives a multiplier effect that immediately boosts the total wins in an instant win.

Upon landing three guitar symbols on the standard reels, you will trigger a bonus that begins with each guitar playing in turn while accumulating cash prizes and awards. As with the jukebox bonus, the action remains on the standard reels and is over fairly quickly with winnings added to your account and back to regular play.

The final bonus triggers when three gold disks materialize and the screen transforms into an animated scene with a big golden record rotating across the standard reels. This is replaced with a giant 3D wheel overlaid with an animated scene of the King of Rock and Roll performing Blue Suede Shoes. A triangle-shaped pointer on the bottom of the reel points to the winning multiplier when the wheel automatically stops. The multiplier boosts your total win by the amount indicated on the wheel.

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