King of the Aztecs Slot Machine

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King of the Aztecs is an odd slot game with design and payout issues that affect gameplay. The action unfolds on a five-reel three-row structure, overseen by the King, or tlatoani. Though animated through every spin, the King is given nothing to do other that raise his arms during a big win. Though considerable effort went into making his headdress historically accurate, one wonders why Easter Island heads show up on every screen. The gaming experience gets a boost from plenty of wild reels, but that doesn’t offset the absolute dearth of payouts. It’s a difficult game to enjoy, so players should test it out in its free mode—on desktop or mobile devices—before playing with real money.

Stone Slot

The stone-framed 5×3 slot consumes most of the screen space, with the gameplay buttons wedged in below. The “Stake Line” buttons choose the unit value, offering options between 0.05 and 20.00. Between one and 20 paylines can be selected using the “Line” buttons. Single plays start with the “Spin” button, while “Autoplay” sets up to 25 automatic spins. Well-detailed game information can be found through the “Paytable” button.

Aztec Icons

King of the Aztecs pays out wins when three or more consecutive symbols align from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, on a bet line. These symbols and their payouts are:

  • Jack: three pays 4x bet, four pays 10x, five pays 80x
  • Queen: three pays 4x bet, four pays 10x, five pays 80x
  • King: three pays 4x bet, four pays 10x, five pays 80x
  • Ace: three pays 4x bet, four pays 10x, five pays 80x
  • Green Dragon Head: three pays 10x bet, four pays 20x, five pays 120x
  • Blue Bird Head: three pays 10x bet, four pays 20x, five pays 120x
  • White Skull: three pays 20x bet, four pays 60x, five pays 200x
  • Game Icon: three pays 100x bet, four pays 200x, five pays 500x

It’s curious that the designers could come up with only three Aztec images for the symbols, while relying on the very un-Aztec playing cards for the rest. The lack of variety in payouts also betrays another creative shortfall.

King of the Aztecs includes a scatter symbol of the King himself. He can appear anywhere on a line at least three times to win a payout. Three Kings pays 2x the bet, four pays 10x and five pays 200x.

Big Wilds

King of the Aztecs offers no click-me features, bonus games, progressive jackpots or free spins. But it does have a Wild Reel feature.

After random spins, one to three of the middle reels can transform into an expanded wild. These wilds substitute for any symbol on a winning payline, but limit the scatter symbol stand-ins to one.

The Stingy King

Despite all the symbols and wild reels, the game does not pay well. The wilds are the only route to reasonable wins.

To note, 250 test spins were run for this review. Wild reels appeared on 17% of spins, and half of these produced no wins. Of the remaining 208 spins, a grand total of three delivered a payout greater than the bet. It took nearly 100 spins to see the first one occur.

Payout problems of this magnitude rightly drive players away. Regular sober gamers have no reason to sit through irregular losses of this size. Newer players, often more sensitive to risk, won’t like these odds one bit. There’s isn’t enough going on in the design or gameplay to lure anyone to play further. As a result, King of the Aztecs is not recommended.

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