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First released by Parker Brothers in 1935, Monopoly has been spun off into video games, TV game shows, McDonald’s promotions and was even in development for feature film. Barcrest has developed this famous board game into an online slot called Monopoly Big Event. Though it has some images connected to the board game, the slot is only tangentially related to the Monopoly many of us know and love. This game is available in free and paid modes for mobile, tablet and desktop devices, though it performs best on desktop platforms.


Monopoly Big Event slot game runs on a five-reel, three-row structure, with 20 locked paylines. All the buttons are large and colorful, making gameplay easy.

Bets are adjusted using the Stake/Line buttons. “Spin” triggers individual plays. “Autoplay” starts automatic spins and is adjustable for up to 25 plays. “Help” leads to thorough payout and instruction screens.

The graphics are bright and crisp. Aside from the reel spins, animation is minimal. The audio effects and music are repetitive, but can be switched off.


Three or more consecutive matching symbols must align from left to right, starting from the first reel, in order for a win to occur.

Playing card values, from 10 to Ace, are the slot’s lowest paying symbols. Then next highest paying icons are the Monopoly gameplay pieces of Dog, Cat, Car and Battleship. The Monopoly Man and Wilds provide the best payouts.

The Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Big Event scatter. Picking up three or more Big Events starts the bonus game.


The Big Event Bonus game begins with the player to choosing three Community Chest cards and three Chance cards. Community Chest cards dictate the number of free spins, while the Chance cards determine which of the two types of bonus spins will be rewarded. The Dancing Wild game has one wild reel, chosen at random, on each spin. The Lock Wild game locks each wild symbol in place for the remainder of the bonus spins.


Rather than setting the bet and clicking the Spin or Autoplay buttons, the player can select the “Big Bet” button for an alternative approach to gameplay.

The Big Bet option has two games to choose from. The first is a $20 game that has a progressive win multiplier that increases from 1x to 5x over five spins. Another choice is the $30 game, which begins with a bonus wheel that selects one of three gameplay types: 1.) the $20 game’s progressive multiplier; 2.) five spins with a 5x multiplier; 3.) Big Event Wild game that locks in each Big Event Wild symbol for the remainder of the game’s spins.


Though the instructions state the Big Bet game has an expected return of 99%, I found that claim dubious. In fact, I highly recommend players not play what appears to be a sucker bet. When selecting the $30 game 20 times, the spinner landed on the $20 game’s progressive multiplier 11 times, the Epic spins five times and the Big Event Wild four times. Not once in those 20 tries did I ever break even with the $30 bet. Nor did I reach $20. The $20 game did deliver even winnings three out of ten tries. Altogether the Big Bet game liquidated my demo balance.

The Big Event Bonus game is tough to come by. Out of more than 400 spins, I landed it twice and earned a grand total of $41. The regular reels also deliver a paucity of payouts. Over those 400+ spins, I landed a winning payline of Monopoly symbols all of seven times.

Because the slot is only vaguely linked to the board game and the payouts are low, Monopoly Big Event has limited appeal. Newer slot gamers may enjoy the look for a few spins, but not much will keep them playing. Long-time slot players will see through the style of Monopoly Big Event, and seek out more lucrative games elsewhere.

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