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Haunting the public imagination since Bram Stoker first penned his 1897 Gothic horror masterpiece, Dracula, tales of vampires have enjoyed a Renaissance in recent years based on the popularity of the Twilight franchise, and subsequent vampire inspired offshoots in recent years. Joining that throng of Dracula related entertainment options; Barcrest Gaming’s take on the genre is represented in their classically styled gaming machine, Ooh Aah Dracula Slot. For a lighthearted look at the Dracula Legend, Ooh Aah Dracula slot machine offers an appealing visual presentation, upbeat spooky music, and numerous ways to win big prizes with exciting gaming features.

Game Play on Ooh Ah Dracula

Designers at Barcrest Gaming pulled out all the stops in applying vampire elements to what would otherwise be a standard slot machine format. Stylized icons are crafted with creepy highlights that one might expect to find in a haunted castle that serves as the Gothic abode of the most famous undead character in literature.

As with most Barcrest slots on the market, Ooh Aah Dracula features a five-reel, ten non-selectable win lines that allows the player to risk a wager between 10-cents for those with lighter wallets, and upwards of $500 per spin for the high rollers out on the internet.

In addition to the classic 10 through Ace symbols, which have been dolled up with the use of ghoulish highlights like bats forming the cross section of the capital “A” for the Ace, while candles resting atop the Kings lends a Gothic feeling to the proceedings. Following the classic 10 to Ace format, players should keep their eyes open for other important symbols including:

  • Dracula Outfitted in Cool Sunglasses
  • A Looming Castle
  • An Alluring Female Vampire
  • Tombstone
  • Rabbit
  • Ooh Ahh Dracula Logo

Five Ooh Aah Dracula Logo symbols earn players 5,000 coins while four such appearances nets 500 coins. The next biggest prize on the machine comes when the distinguished Count Dracula shows up. For instance, five Dracula on a payline pays 1,000 coins while five castles add 500 coins to the player’s account.

In addition to these standard symbols, keep your eyes peeled for the bright red heart impaled with a stake that serves as a trigger for the exciting bonus game.

Bonus Play in Dracula’s Castle

There are essentially two bonus games to enjoy when playing Ooh Aah Dracula slot machines. In the less impressive of the two, known as the Tombstone Bonus, it triggers whenever tombstones align across your screen. Once stopped, wave your mouse over the tombstone you want to select, the words “Pick me” will be illuminated, which will result in a cash prize to the winner.

The more impressive bonus feature, and where the real money is made when skulking about Dracula’s castle, is found in the game’s Free Spin feature.

As mentioned, keep your eyes peeled for the bright red heart impaled with a stake that serves as the springboard for exciting Free Spin play.

Triggered when you get three or more of the wild impaled hearts, the player is awarded fifteen free spins that can quickly add up to some real money. Four hearts brings a further fifteen free spins, but the player has an option, after seeing how much they won, to select a further ten free spins with the appearance of another wild card.

For those feeling extra brave as they face off against the formidable Count Dracula, the game has a “High Roller” function that mirrors the free spin option and Tombstone Bonus, albeit, with significantly higher payouts.

With a bet for every budget and a Gothic flavor that abounds throughout the game, Ooh Aah Dracula is both a fun and profitable game to play whilst looking for real live casino action online. Simply stated, this is perhaps Barcrest’s best offering in terms of graphics, compelling sounds, and high payouts that is not for just Halloween.

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