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Some of the best things in life are revisions on ideas that didn’t go as originally planned. Each time Apple brings us a shiny new iPhone with cool new features and a sleek design, there are problems that come with it—battery life, bending phones, etc. But a year or two later we get the S version of the phone, which tends to fix the problems the original phone had and deliver promising new features.

Think of this game as one of the S versions of the Rainbow Riches slot game. The game may be fun on its own, but it’s even better when you add extra features and functionality. If you enjoyed Rainbow Riches, you’ll have a blast picking your way to great bonuses and prizes in Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix.

Features & How to Play

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix uses a pretty typical 5-reel, 3-row setup with 20 paylines. However, you can’t toggle the number of active paylines which is a bit of setback. Your bet per line can be as low as 0.01 and as high as 25.00, giving you plenty of freedom to choose your bet amount.

At the start of the game, you get to choose which bonus features will be active. The fewer you choose, the greater chance you have of triggering them. The bonus features include the Road to Riches bonus, the Pots of Gold bonus, the free spins bonus, the Cash Crop bonus, and the Magic Toadstool bonus. You can choose up to 3 bonus features.

One interesting feature in Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is the big bet function. Instead of simply adding paylines or triggering larger prizes for wins, the big bet function in this game allows you to spin a wheel for a chance to play a bonus game with a multiplier. There are 3 spinners, each with one of the bonus features you chose, with small rainbow pie slivers. If the spinner lands inside the sliver of rainbow, the bonus feature will start with the multiplier displayed above. Raising your stake can make the rainbow slivers larger or raise the multiplier on some features.

There are just 6 symbols in this game, all of which pay out for matches of 3 or more. In order from least to most valuable, the symbols are the 10, the J, the Q, the K, the A, and the Rainbow Riches symbol. The largest reward you can get from these symbols is 500x your bet per line for a maximum prize of 12,500.


You probably don’t want to jump straight into playing Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix for cash. Luckily, Barcrest does a good job of offering demo versions of their slot games online. If you can find this game at an online casino, there should be both demo and paid versions. Keep in mind that you will have to create an account to play for cash.

One big downside to Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is the fact that it’s not available for mobile devices. If you try to play this game on your smartphone or tablet, all you’ll see is an error message.


With the thousands of slot games available today, Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix has a lot of competition. Does this game stand up to the other games or do they make it look smaller than a leprechaun?

The design of this game is nice for Barcrest. They often prefer more basic visuals, but they did a nice job with Rainbow Riches. Some background music would have been nice.

The features are truly the bread and butter of the Rainbow Riches slot games. Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is particularly fun because it allows you to choose only the bonus games you want. And you’ll even be rewarded for choosing fewer active bonus features. This is also nice because it lets you dictate and customize the gameplay.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix may not be king of the slot games, but its slew of bonus features really give it some entertainment value.

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