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In Arabic, the term “sheik” refers to “a man of vast power”. Often in the Arab world these sheiks have access to great wealth. Barcrest appeals to our desire to enjoy this financial clout with Sheik Your Money slot. The designer has even included an animated sheik who helps players win more money. The game’s controls and spins will be familiar to even the most casual players. For those looking to risk more for greater slot glory, the game includes the Big Bet feature game. Sheik Yer Money is available for free and paid gaming on desktop and mobile devices.

The Sheik and His Slot

Sheik Your Money’s structure is interchangeable with many other slots. It has a five-reel three-row interface with 10 locked paylines. Bet information is displayed to the left of the reels. Using the “Stake/Line” buttons, the line bet is adjustable between 0.01 and 50.00 per line. On the right side of the reels are the gameplay buttons. The green button starts single spins. Automatic plays are set between 10 and 25 using the red button. Gameplay information can be found with the blue button. The purple button leads to the Big Bet feature.

It’s the Arabian music, desert palace background and The Sheik that establish the game’s theme. The animated sheik peeks in from the right side of the screen occasionally, encouraging one to get playing (after 15 seconds of inaction) or creating a win. Once in every 15-25 spins the sheik will grab a set of losing reels and give them a Sheik Shake to reveal at least one winning combination.

Subtropical Symbols

Sheik Yer Money’s icons are split between playing card values, and the better paying gem symbols. Wins occur when three or more consecutive matching symbols align anywhere on a payline. They are not required to start from the first or last reel.

A Mystic Lamp symbol occasionally lands on the reels, revealing one of the regular symbols. All lamps in a spin reveal the same symbol, increasing win probabilities. But lamps do not guarantee wins.

Big Bet

If playing regular spins isn’t enough action for more aggressive gamers, Barcrest has included their Big Bet feature. There are three types of Big Bet games denoted by the value of their stakes: 10, 15 and 20. In all these games, every mystic lamp remains locked in place for subsequent spins. For Big Bet 15, the lamps may reveal a Wild symbol to stand in for any regular symbol on a payline. For Big Bet 20, the Wild symbols themselves remain locked for the remaining spins. As more money is risked, chances of winning are theoretically increased.

Results and Strategy

Here are results from Big Bet test spins:

  • Big Bet 10
    Wins/Spins: 8 out of 50 (2 wins with Sheik Shake)
    Pays/Bets: 33.50 vs 100.00
    Gain/Loss: -66.50
  • Big Bet 15
    Wins/Spins: 15 out of 50 (2 wins from Wilds, 1 from Shake)
    Pays/Bets: 423 vs 150
    Gain/Loss: +273
  • Big Bet 20
    Wins/Spins: 12 out of 50
    Pays/Bets: 140.50 vs 200
    Gain/Loss: -69.50

Big Bet Sheik Shakes occurred less frequently than during regular single spins (2% versus 4-7%). Meanwhile, the Wild symbols that are the reasoning behind the riskier bets showed up only twice in 100 spins, providing wins less than the bet itself. It was the locked lamp symbols that delivered the big payouts, especially when appearing in the first spin.

The Sheik Shakes that produce wins during the regular game never occur during automatic spins. Or at least not once during 200 test automatic spins. As a result, the single spins become more profitable than the auto plays.

Sheik Appeal

The regular spin game is simple to learn and the payouts are easy to follow. Add in the lamp and shake features, and Sheik Yer Money proves to be a good slot for new players. The Big Bet game raises the stakes and plays to the needs of more experienced gamers.

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