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  • Established - 2011
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Bede Gaming – Review, Free Games & History

If I had to pick one word used to embody Bede Gaming, it would be “versatility.” The company is unique in that not only does it create great slot games, it produces versatile software that can be transferred to a variety of platforms, and makes sure that they go the extra mile for their clients, even where they don’t have to. Through innovative casino gaming solutions, both online and on casino floors, as well as cross-compatible platforms and top notch consulting, Bede has garnered itself a reputation for being one of the “good guys” in the casino gaming market.

The company does make standalone slots and other video casino games, (known for their bingo operation first and foremost) but most of their business is done in producing the software that land-based and online casinos use to provide seamless gaming experiences to their users. The software is so innovative that other software developers, including giants like Playtech and NetENT can make their games to be compatible on Bede’s platforms so that casinos have the most possible options for the games they choose to carry.

Here is a summary of Bede’s award winning operation: its history and how it’s innovating the gaming sphere with casino gaming solutions that just make sense.

Bede Gaming Company Overview & History

Bede was founded in 2011 in the English city of Newcastle upon Tyne by current chairman Joseph Saumarez Smith, who previously had a long record with game development industry, which is partially explanatory of Bede’s success.

A midsized company with offices in Newcastle and Sofia, Bulgaria, Bede boasts around 156 employees, most of which operate out of the company’s home offices, but with some 50 members of the team connected from the Sofia office. The company touts a team with a record of technical expertise, as well as representative experience in various channels of the casino industry, from games like poker, blackjack and slot machines, to ready-made software and gaming platforms.

The company is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and operates primarily with English clients as a result. Today, Bede has a clear focus on producing software, gaming solutions and online casino products that don’t simply create revenue for the company — they benefit other players in the casino sector, both large and small, online and in land-based casinos.

Where Are Bede’s Games and Software Available?

Bede has an extensive lineup of software, and some of their own games as well, which mean that the company has its hooks in business interests far and wide.

Where Bede’s Games Are Played

Because Bede Gaming licenses its own games in the UK primarily, the casinos in which you can access their games are basically a list of some of the biggest players in the English gaming market. As bingo is Bede’s primary in-house product, many of their clients are video bingo rooms. As of 2017, these clients include:

  • Grosvenor Casinos
  • Mecca
  • Svenska Bingo
  • betUK
  • Pink Casino
  • co.uk
  • Slotto
  • Simply Bingo
  • Crown Bingo
  • A handful of other online casinos, many of which specialize in online bingo

It’s worth noting that as of 2018, Bede is still expanding its client list, and its website claimed that more would be announced shortly.

Bede’s Major Products

Unlike many developers, however, Bede’s own games are only a small part of the overall operation that it features. Here is a rundown of the other products that Bede offers for clients of multiple sizes and scales.

BedeHUB: The company’s HUB is their overall gaming platform. Described as modular, scalable and inherently flexible, the BedeHUB is laid out for online casinos to have one piece of software to offer all their games on, one that is automatically playable on desktop computers, casino terminals and mobile devices. The HUB is basically a ready-made web design template: online casino owners have control over the design aspects of their casino sites, but get streamlines content management, analytical data and payment management systems baked into their HUB, streamlining the process of starting a small casino operation, or even growing into a larger online casino.

BedePLAY: This is the content arm of Bede’s operation. PLAY encompasses all the games offered by their in-house development team and makes them cross-compatible on the same platforms as the games that customers love from other software developers, such as Bally, NetENT and BluePrint Gaming. With BedePLAY, online casino managers have a choice from over 700 games to make available to their users, which gives sites plenty of options to focus their site and build a loyal customer base.

BedeRocket: Rocket is a platform that exists for new players in the online casino market. For all intents and purposes, Rocket is a full-service, ready made gaming platform that Bede allows new sites to purchase and put their name on. This isn’t a new concept, but what is uncommon about BedeRocket is that Bede offers the option to have the company stay hands-on through the process of building a new site and acquiring a license with the British Gaming Commission, offering advice at every turn.

Innovative, Cross-Compatible Software

Bede software has to be versatile for all of their features and integration with other developers to work so they stick with using HTML5 for all of their gaming code. The result is a format that’s playable on every operating system, from Apple OS to Windows OS to iOS and Android OS, on any modern browsers, as well as standalone terminals in traditional brick and mortar casinos.

Bede Games: Bingo and Slots

Players shouldn’t think that just because they allow other developers’ games on the same platform as theirs, that the games that the team at Bede creates in-house are inferior, however. The company specializes in bingo games, but also makes (as of 2018) 12 slots and variety of virtual table games and Keno offerings.

Bede Bingo

Bede’s online bingo operation is sleek, seamless and easy to operate, resulting in the company being recognized for their excellent bingo play in the form of multiple awards. This is largely why many of their biggest clients, including the Bingo giant Mecca, are companies that specialize in Bingo first and other games second.

If you want to get a taste for some of Bede’s slots, here is a breakdown of some of their very small catalog:

7 Smokin’ Wilds

This game is an extremely well made, yet simple homage to the Western theme that players find in many slots on the market today. The game doesn’t rely on complex graphics or gimmicks to make itself a well-made slot; it accomplishes this with a smooth theme and crisp animations.

With 9 paylines, players can choose how many to bet on, with each payline increasing the bet. Daring players can choose to hit on only one or two paylines for a larger win, while players that simply want to increase their wins/plays ratio are probably better suited to have all 9 paylines turned on. Icons in the game include a throwback to the classic cherries icon, and there’s also pints of beer, a Sherriff’s badge, horseshoes and Bar signs of various colors that all win for the player when lined up on a give payline.

Fruity Slot

Fruity Slot is another homage to the more classic gaming experience of yesteryear in the brick and mortar casinos that used to be the only options for players seeking slot machines. The icons are all fruits, and the 5 reels make a pleasing metallic slot sound that reminds one of the days when there were no online slots. Make no mistake, however, Fruity Slot is a game that makes players glad that they can play slots from the comfort of their own home, because it truly is addictive.

Like 7 Smokin’ Wilds, Fruity Slot offers 9 adjustable paylines and adjusts the minimum and maximum bets accordingly, depending on how daring the player is, as well as how lucky he or she feels.

Cleopatra’s Tomb

One of many slots on the market with an Ancient Egyptian theme, Cleopatra’s Tomb is just unique enough to make you want to play it over many others of the same type. A classic 5 reel slot with 25 paylines (adjustable by multiples of 5), winning is almost surprisingly easy on this engaging slot filled with ancient Egyptian icons of Gods and Goddesses, as well as the Queen herself.

Bottom Line: Bede Gaming Company

For newcomers to the casino gaming market, it’s pretty easy to become pleasantly surprised by all the contributions to the market that Bede brings to the table. In a sector filled with gaming exclusivity and litigious protection of Intellectual Property rights, it’s refreshing to see a company that wants to set up online casinos for success using their own games, as well as those from many other big name developers.

It’s easy to see, then, how Bede Gaming presents itself as one of the “good guys” of the online and land-based casino gaming sector. While it’s presence as a creator of actual games is relatively small, Bede is a giant when it comes to moving the market forward and giving players access to a wide range of games.