7 Smokin’ Wilds Slot

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Step forward and claim a piece of the Wild West for yourself by taking a spin on 7 Smokin’ Wilds by Bede Gaming. This cowboy-themed slot game is set in a saloon where you can kick back with the boys and relax. The artwork is simple with a rustic feel to it. To further set the mood, a piano plays in the background every time you shoot a landing spin.

The simplicity of the design and setup makes it extremely similar to Fruity Slot, which is also released by Bede Gaming. This game has both a desktop and a mobile version.

How the Game Works

7 Smokin’ Wilds is a 5-reel, 3-row slot game with 9 potential payable lines. A main advantage with 7 Smokin’ Wilds is that the wins pay left to right, right to left and from the middle reel. As long as you get a winning combination of the same symbols in a row, it’ll count as a win. The combination doesn’t have to start from the leftmost reel. This makes it a lot easier to spin a winning combination.

To spin the reel, click on the gun chamber to the right of the screen. It will spin to fire a shot. The reels will spin at the same time as well. This feature alone really adds to the atmosphere and theme of the game.

Like most games by Bede Gaming, you can play with real money or with game credits. The cost of a bullet for taking a spin ranges from $0.09 to $90.00. That boils down to $0.01 to $10.00 per line. The wide range of betting options available makes this game suitable for a wide range of audiences. You don’t have to necessarily be a high roller to stake your claim in the Wild West.

An Overview of the Symbols and the Payouts

7 Smokin’ Wilds feature some classic slot game symbols, like a single bar symbol, a double bar symbol and a triple bar symbol. You can also throwdown with the cowboys with the 4 ace card symbol, the sheriff badge symbol, the whiskey symbol, the horseshoe symbol and the cherry symbol. The highest paying symbols are the bar symbols. The single bar symbol pays out a whopping 750 times the line wager if 5 of them make up a winning combination. All double bar symbols in a payline pays out 250 times the line wager.

A good feature about the 7 Smokin’ Wilds is that there aren’t many symbols that will appear on the board. With only a few symbols available, the odds of landing a winning spin is high.

Shoot for the 7 Smokin’ Wild symbol

The Wild West was pretty tough, so don’t expect many bonus rounds and features in this game. The main bonus feature in this game is the 7 Smokin’ Wild symbol. This symbol is used as a wild symbol, and can be substituted for any other symbols that are in this game. When the 7 Smokin’ Wild symbol is used in a winning combination, it will double the payout.

If you’re lucky enough to get all 7 Smokin’ Wild symbols in a payline, you’ll win 5,000 times the line bet. If you bet a maximum of $10.00 on a single line, you would win $50,000 from that spin.

Inspect the Game Features

If you’re wondering what the odds look like, partner, 7 Smokin’ Wilds has a return to player (RTP) of 94.59%. If you’re looking to claim a piece of the Wild West for yourself, you can even set the game to play on autoplay mode, which can make up to 100 spins. You can set a loss limit and a win limit for this feature to better control your bets.

Load Em’ Up Partner

Take a chance with 7 Smokin’ Wilds. You definitely won’t regret it. This slot game is not only entertaining, but also one of the easier games to land a winning spin on. Even if you don’t, it’s fun to shoot up the board, so load em’ up!

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