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Whether it is the Flintstones, The Land Before Time, Ice Age, or the Croods, we seem to always have had an affinity for our Neanderthal brethren, and that impulse is being acted upon with Betsoft’s 2 Million BC slot machine games. From the table of their talented design team brings together a storyline of prehistoric characters and an unforgiving jungle as 3D characters breathe new life into an old DeBeers sales message, “Women. Wanted. Diamonds.” Using the rallying call of finding and enticing a suitable mate, the theme for Betsoft’s 2 Million BC is born. Play this intricate 3D game against the backdrop of an inhospitable jungle populated by all manner of prehistoric creatures looking to eviscerate their next lunch.

A World of Prehistoric Delights

With 5-reels and 30-paylines, 2 Million BC gives a wagering option for all budgets. Players looking at real money wagering can risk upwards of $0.02 to a $1 for a maximum bet per single spin of $150. With a goal of matching the myriad of symbols available on the machine, the combinations win when arrayed from left to right.

Designers dipped heavily into prehistoric iconography to draw the imagery used. As such, you can expect icons depicting cave paintings, fire, saber-toothed tigers, civilization’s first wheel, Stonehenge, cavewomen, jewels, and clubs that pay when at least two align on a chosen payline.

The highest reel payout appears with the arrival of five cave women across a single payline yields 500 coins for each one wagered. As such, a full bet can land as much as $2,500 into your win column. Other impressive payouts come when you net 400 coins for five saber-tooth tigers, and 300 coins for five flying bugs making an appearance on a single payline.

Bonus Rounds and Special Features

For fans of animation, albeit clumsy animatronics owing to the age of the game will enjoy 2 Million BC’s bonus rounds because that is when the game’s graphics really come into play. Whereas two matching icons will generate an award during regular play, three are required to unlock the games bonus rounds.

As an example, your efforts heat up when you score three or more Fire icons, which when hit delivers free spins once the round is activated, and players are eligible for even more additional free spins when the three Fire combo makes an appearance.

Whilst out and about looking for prehistoric treats and treasures, collecting Acorn icons is the opening move in playing the “Sabre Tiger Attack” bonus. When Acorns appear on your screen, an affable hornet will grab up each and store them on the side of your screen. Once you have obtained three of them in storage, use them to help the caveman fight off the vicious Sabre-tooth tiger attack for cash payouts.

When three diamond scatter symbol appear on any payline, you will open the diamond bonus round, which gives the winning player the option of picking out ways to score the elusive diamond from the grip of the slumbering tiger.

The Primordial Ooze Delivers a Great Game

Playing 2 Million BC not only delivers impressive payouts, but the creative design team at Betsoft delivers this cash bonanza with a level of detail that is both pleasing to the eye and the ear. As an example, when winning bonus combinations appear on the payline, it unlocks an animated video from the Ice Age film franchise. Accompanying the exciting visual play, the game’s sound effects transport the player to a primordial place where senses and excitement combine. For old school aficionados and neophytes alike, playing 2 Million BC is a user friendly game that delivers a great time and solid payouts.

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