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Take in the beautiful scenery of the countryside in China as the four seasons pass by in the slot game 4 Seasons by Betsoft. The tall, rocky mountains in the background, as well as the lush field in the foreground, are stunning. You’ll also be entertained and relaxed by the authentic and calm Chinese music playing in the background. To complement the four seasons, you’ll also meet all 12 of the zodiac animals. 4 Seasons perfectly fits the Chinese theme of the game.

4 Seasons is designed and developed by Betsoft. It can be loaded on both a desktop and a mobile device. There are 30 fixed paylines in the 5×3 reel grid.

Familiarize Yourself with the 12 Zodiac Animals

To fit the theme of the game, each of the 12 zodiac animals make up one symbol in this slot game. There’s the tiger, the snake, the chicken, the rabbit, the pig, the dog, the mouse, the cow, the monkey, the lamb, the dragon and the cow. 3 of any of these symbols in a row will pay out 10 times the line bet while 4 of any of these symbols in an active payline will pay out 20 times the line bet. 5 of the same symbols in a row pays out 50 times the line bet. This doesn’t include any multipliers that might be factored into the payout.

Other than the zodiac animals, there’s also a golden cat wild symbol and a yin yang bonus symbol. With the exception of the bonus symbol, the golden cat wild symbol can be used to fill in for any other symbol. 5 golden cat wild symbols in a row will pay out 10,000 times the line bet.

If you get any of the same symbols in a block, your payout will also be increased by a multiplier.

Watch as the Seasons Progress

The most unique bonus feature in 4 Seasons is the zodiac wheel at the bottom of the screen, which acts like a calendar. All 12 zodiac animals are present on the wheel.

As the seasons progress for every 30 spins, the wheel will move and a different animal will be chosen to become the Golden Animal. All winning combinations with this symbol will net 10 times the payout. Two animals will be chosen to become the Silver Animals. These animals will net you 5 times the regular payout. The multiplier doesn’t stop there. 6 animals are also chosen to become the Bronze Animals and will pay double.

The position of the zodiac animals on the wheel will change every 90 spins. The season will change as well. You’ll notice the background change from season to season. Spins from the Free Spin Bonus won’t count move the calendar forward.

Complete the Game with Yin Yang Symbols that Unlock Free Spins

One of the most popular bonus features offered in slot games is the free spins. There’s nothing better than seeing the reels spin and getting an opportunity to win large cash prizes without having to spend a dime.

The Free Spin Bonus in 4 Seasons is unlocked by landing 3, 4 or 5 yin yang symbols on the board. This bonus is played with the same bet as the triggering spin. In addition, you can re-trigger this bonus round by finding more yin yang symbols on the board. 3 yin yang symbols will win you 8 free spins while 4 yin yang symbols will win you 12 free spins. The jackpot comes from landing 5 yin yang symbols on the board. You’ll get a whopping 20 free spins!

Double Up Your Winnings!

Another interesting feature offered in 4 Seasons is the opportunity to double up your winnings from each spin. After each standard payout, the ‘Double Up’ button at the bottom of the screen will light up. If you decide to take the risk and go for it, you will be taken to a separate screen and asked to guess whether a gold coin will land heads up or tails up after it’s spun. If you make a correct guess, you’ll double your winnings. Guess incorrectly and you’ll lose it all.

You can choose to continue guessing to double up your winnings as many times as you feel comfortable with. You can click on the ‘Collect’ button to be taken back to the main game at any time. It’s important to note that this option is not available after winnings collected from free spins.

Perfect for All Players

4 Seasons is suitable for all players in both the paid and free version. The betting system is divided into two parts. You can choose to bet anywhere from 1 to 5 coins on each line. Each coin can also have a value between 0.02 and 1.00.

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