Alkemor’s Tower Free Slot

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Alkemor’s Tower slot, by Betsoft, features a magician, resembling Merlin of Arthurian legend, who casts spells during bonus games to a looping soundtrack that calls back Gounod’s “Funeral March of a Marionette”. These feature games are numerous bet rarely offset the stingy regular symbol payouts.

The graphics look great throughout, though the animated Merlin, er, Alkemor is given little to do. The music grows repetitive, and skips around during many spins. The game is easy to learn, though how long a player endures is in question. It’s recommended the player tests out the free mode before playing the paid version on mobile or desktop platforms.

Simple Setup

The five-reel three-row slot’s interface will be familiar to anyone who has played Betsoft free casino games. Alkemor’s Tower forgoes paylines, stating instead it “pays 243 ways”.

A bet is adjustable with the “Choose Coin” and “Bet Level” buttons. “Spin” starts single plays, while “Auto Play” lets the player set up to 100 automatic spins. The “Sound Off” button is urged for those who tire of the soundtrack. “View Pays” introduces detailed feature and symbol information.

Illusory Symbols

Payouts occur when three or more matching symbols lineup in adjacent reels, from left to right, starting with the first reel. In order of increasing value, the magician’s symbols are: Scales, Scroll, Mushroom, Gems, Ring, Coins, Crystals and Alkemor himself.

The payouts for these symbols are underwhelming, with half of the “wins” resulting in a loss. On the positive side, there are many special symbols that combine into feature games.

Fanciful Features

The Water Element starts the Water Elemental Spell when the Spell Book appears on reels one and two. Alkemor casts a spell, turning element and book symbols into wilds on reels two through five. The book on reel one becomes a payable symbol. All resulting wins are multiplied by the number of element and book symbols.

Earth Elemental Spell is cast when Spell Books sit on reels one and two, and the Earth Element lands on reel three. The magician casts a spell that turns the element and book icons into wilds, while all the other symbols are replaced by new symbols.

A hurricane hits the reels when the Air Element is on reel three and the book is on one and two. The element and book icons on reels two through five turn wild, while the other symbols are blown off the reels, shuffled and returned in a different order.

The Fire Element symbol, when combined with books on reels one and two triggers the Fire Elemental Spell. The element and book symbols are treated like they are in the other spells, while additional wild symbols are added pending the number of book symbols from the original spin.

Alkemor’s Tower has two free spin games, The Nature Floor and The Celestial Floor. Nature Floor starts when the Spell Book sits on reels one and two, and a vine-like symbol lands on reel three. Celestial Floor is similar, but has its own symbol on reel three. The amount of book symbols determines the quantity of free spins. These two bonus spin reels have their own new symbols and a special symbol (vine and black hole) that delivers large payouts.

Not Always Magical

These special features are crucial the game’s enjoyment. They are numerous and profitable. This is necessary because the game’s regular payouts are ungenerous.

During the 500 test spins run for this review, there were only 33 winning symbol combinations that paid more than the bet. Seven spins resulted in features. That left 460 (or 92% of the) spins resulting in losses. Even with the features’ excellent payouts, multiple balances were emptied.

One’s willingness to wade through the negative spins will determine if the player will stick with this game. More risk-averse players might ditch the game immediately. Experienced players may enjoy the abundant features, if those games appear before the money is gone. Casual gamers are recommended to pass up Alkemor’s Tower for Magic Shoppe instead.

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