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Although the Aztecs are long gone, they are not forgotten. In fact, their culture is still highly regarded and praised. They valued education and offered public education to both boys and girls. They were intelligent and artistic people, and the richness of their culture is undeniable. Explore the Aztec culture for yourself and look for the treasures that the Aztec’s had by taking a spin on Aztec Treasure.

The Aztec culture flourished primarily from 1300 to 1521. Nowadays, all that is left are the treasures and the pyramids that they have left behind. Explore deep into the jungles to find a hidden and long forgotten stone pyramid, which is where the 3 by 3 reel of this game stands. Aztec Treasure is brought to you by Betsoft Gaming. It can be accessed from virtually any desktop although it cannot be played on a mobile device at this time.

How the Game Is Played

Aztec Treasure slot has a unique 3 by 3 reel grid design. There are 8 paylines, which consist of lines from left to right, top to bottom and diagonal from the top corners to the bottom corners. You need the entire line to be filled with the same symbol in order to win.

Like other Betsoft Gaming slots games like The Tipsy Tourist, the betting system is divided into two parts. You first need to determine the amount of coins that you would like to bet on each line, which will range from 1 to 5. Then, you’ll need to assign a coin value between 0.02 to 0.50 when playing the game for free or $0.02 to $0.50 when playing with real money. High rollers can bet as much as $20.00 on each spin.

Take in the Richness of the Aztec Culture from the Symbols

All of the symbols that can be found in Aztec Treasure are representatives of the Aztec culture. There’s a pyramid symbol, a headdress symbol, a mask symbol, a hieroglyphic symbol and more. All in all, there are 7 high value symbols in this game. The tribal headgear symbol offers the highest payout at 100 times the line bet. The pyramid symbol is next with a payout of 50 times the line bet.

The symbol that you want to keep an eye out for is the Aztec Treasure logo symbol. If you get a payline made up entirely of this symbol while playing the maximum bet possible, you can take home the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot in this game is lucrative!

Hold the Reels to Control the Board

Aztec Treasure gives you the opportunity to control the board by holding any reel you want after each spin. If you decide to hold a reel or two,. the reel or reels that are not held will spin again. The respin won’t cost you anything extra.

Collect 3 Precious Stones to Look for the Aztec Treasures

Every once in awhile, a precious gemstone will appear on position 1 of reel 3. When this happens, the position will hold and the reel will spin again. The Aztec chief will come out and throw a spear at the gemstone causing it to fall onto the ground. He will then hurry over to where the fallen gemstone is to collect it. The 3 gemstones are different in terms of their color. Expect to collect a red one, a blue one and a yellow one.

When you finally collect 3 precious gemstones, the Aztec Treasure Bonus Round will be activated. This brings you to a separate screen where you will enter a cave. You will place each gemstone into a hole in the ground, and a door will open to reveal an Aztec treasure. Each Aztec treasure will reward you with an instant cash prize.

About the Aztec’s Treasures

When Hernan Cortes and his band of conquistadors first ran into the Aztec people in 1519, they were astounded by the amount of gold, silver and jewel that the Aztec people had. The Aztec people incorporated precious metals and stones into their art; however, they didn’t necessarily see these artifacts as treasures. Instead, the Aztec people valued other items, like cotton and brightly colored feathers, far above gold.

Nowadays, whenever people think of the Aztec’s treasures, they unfortunately aren’t usually referring to the elaborate cloaks and headdresses that the Aztecs made out of feathers. Instead, they’re usually referring to the gold or silver decorations and ornaments that the Aztecs made.

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