Barbary Coast Slot Game Review

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Despite the mayhem and destruction associated with the industry, piracy has always excited the human imagination with its stories of daring ’do and secret maps where “X” marks the spot for illicit treasure and booty. In popular culture, tales of pirates have ignited the screen from Errol Flynn to Johnny Depp, and now thanks to the efforts of Betsoft Gaming Software, exciting pirate action in available on a much more interactive screen with their crowd favorite slot machine, Barbary Coast.

Finding your Treasure on the Barbary Coast

This 5-reel, 30-payline slot game provides stunning 3D imagery and multiple chances to win. With amazing features and available bonuses, your pirate treasure begins with a coin bet range of 0.02 to 0.5-cents a spin, and at the lower range you can fully fund your pirate pillage party for as little as $75 or 150 coins.

Beyond the electric excitement of winning big money prizes, the Barbary Coast is fully laden with 3D imagery and a perceptual view that is designed to appeal. Game symbols include a host of pirate themed icons including the obligatory beautiful lady, treasure chests, the pirate Old Grog, pistol, skulls, gold coins, cannons, and water barrels. The appearance of the debonair Captain Benjamin Sawyer, the nefarious Captain Blackbeard, worker, or parrot triggers the game’s special feature play.

Barbary Coast Special Feature Play

Keep on the lookout from the Crow’s Nest for special feature icons that indicated exciting bonus play. Specifically, look for the appearance of parrots on the payline because if you manage to hit three of more parrots you will unlike the free spin feature. Like a Letter of Marque, you will be awarded five free spins along with the instant cash prizes making well worth your virtual sailing of the High Seas.

What’s a pirate story without cannons? As it turns out, it is a boring pirate story. You will not need to worry about boredom however because the appearance of the cannon in a center reel unleashes the exploding “Wild” card feature that transforms all adjacent icons into wild symbols. As any pirate will happily tell you, payouts are always the best when everything goes wild.

The appearances of three or more Captain Blackbeard signal the beginning of the “Blackbeard Bonus,” which takes the player to a new screen. Once opened, you will find a beautiful damsel lashed to the ship’s main mast and waiting for you to save her from the unsavory attention of her pirate captors. To save her you must first defeat the deadly Captain Blackbeard in a sword on sword duel.

Enter the “Drinking Contest” whenever three or more Old Grog appears on the screen. Old Grog is a pirate with drinking skills, so if you can drink like a pirate you might stand a chance to win big money. Choose head or tails and unveil your cash prize when you are right, but get ready for big money if you manage to drink Old Grog under the table.

While not a progressive slot, players can win impressive treasure through regular play, and the big money hits when five jackpot icons, the woman on the Barbary Coast, unleashes the jackpot round when they appear anywhere on your active paylines.

Exciting Game Play and Engaging Visual Experience

Players are both pleased and amazed when they play Betsoft’s Barbary Coast. While the game and design is creeping on a dozen years in operation, time has done nothing to dim the appeal or attractiveness of this popular game. Thanks to the efforts of Betsoft’s design team, all of their online casino style games have been optimized for optimum mobile performance, so you can take to the high seas regardless of where your landlocked body might be at a particular moment.

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