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If you’re sick and tired of all of these themed slot games and appreciate the simplicity and beauty of classic, retro slot games, you’ll definitely want to check out Boom Bucks slot game by Betsoft Gaming. The fruit symbols will remind you of actual slot games you can find in casinos, but the gameplay has an added twist to it. For each spin that you make, you’re also given an opportunity to win some credits with the Boom Bucks Wheel.

Boom Bucks can be played on any desktop device, and it will literally keep you on your seats! It has a return to player (RTP) of 95.0%, which is decent odds as far as slot games go. Boom Bucks will place you in-front of an old-school slot machine and your only options is to spin the game, choose a different bet and collect your winnings. You’ll see the 3 by 3 reels at the bottom half of the screen and an interesting and flashy Boom Bucks Wheel at the top.

Place a Coin in the Machine

To start a classic, retro slot machine, you’ll need to feed it coins. The concept behind Boom Bucks is fairly simple. You can bet either 4 or 8 credits per spin. For each spin, you’ll be spinning two different things: the reel and the Boom Bucks meter.

There are 5 possible paylines on the reel. To land a winning spin, the entire payline must be filled with the same symbol. With each spin, you’ll also activate the Boom Bucks Wheel. The Boom Bucks Wheel will spin and land on an amount on the wheel. This will be the amount you can win from the Bucks Meter.

How the Boom Bucks Wheel Works

With each spin, you’ll see flashing lights spin around the Boom Bucks Wheel until it lands on a specified amount. The winnings from the Boom Bucks Wheel will differ depending on whether you are betting 4 credits or 8 credits. If you’re betting 4 credits, expect the numbers to range from 4 to 100. If you’re betting 8 credits per spin, the numbers will range from 12 to 200. With each spin, you’ll see a single reel at the bottom right of the screen spin as well. There are 3 options that the reel can land on. They include:

  • the Boom Bucks logo, which gives you all of the winnings you’ve accumulated from the Bucks Meter
  • Go, which raises your bucks meter by whatever number you landed on in that particular spin
  • Stop, which resets your Bucks Meter to either 12 or 24 depending on your bet

With each spin, you have an opportunity to win more. Once you land a winning spin on the 3 by 3 reel grid and Go on the Boom Bucks reel, you can collect your winnings from the Boom Bucks Wheel.

How the 3 by 3 Reel Design Works

The 3 by 3 reel grid of Boom Bucks is fairly simple. You can expect 10 classic icons: a bomb, Bar, a pear, a bell, grapes, a watermelon, a blueberry, an orange, a lemon and cherries. The lowest paying icon is the cherry icon. If you bet 4 credits, a winning line filled with this icon will offer you a payout of 20 credits. The highest paying icon, on the other hand, is the bomb. If you bet 4 credits on the spin, you can win 100 credits for each winning combination that is made up of bomb icons.

Another interesting feature of this game that you’ll notice after playing several hands is that the icons often appear multi-stacked on the reels. This gives you an added opportunity to land a winning spin or multiple winning lines from each spin.

Overall Verdict

If you appreciate the simplicity of retro slot games, you’ll love Boom Bucks. It offers a unique twist, which is an added feature that will help you win even more; however, it still preserves the beauty that is often found within old-school slot games. The artwork of this game is reminiscent to classic slot machines, and the sounds of the mechanical gears whirring with each spin will have you fooled that you’re sitting in front of an actual machine in the casino.

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