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Boomanji, by Betsoft, co-opts the Gemscapades structure and gameplay, while boosting the quality of its graphics and sound. Every symbol and every effect in Boomanji adheres to a fireworks theme.

Paylines deliver wins from the left and right and a wild symbol expands to scoop up more wins. But the slot has neither bonus games nor jackpots. Meanwhile, spins and wins are easy to learn.

To get the full effect of its design, one should try Boomanji on a desktop platform. The slot can also be played on your iPhone or Android, though the view is compressed. Both free and real-money games are available.

The look

Fireworks symbols glow against the night sky backdrop as shooting stars move through the darkness. Each winning combination explodes into colorful fireworks, with compounding wins setting off an Independence Day worthy clamor. A spacey ambient soundtrack frames the winning bursts.

All these crisp smooth graphics are built upon a familiar five-reel three-row structure. The reels take up most of the view. Credit information lines the bottom of the screen. Above that, are bet adjustment buttons. “Paylines” can be set from one to ten. “Choose Coin” adjusts the unit value from .02 to .50. “Bet Per Line” assigns the bet and payout multiplier. “Spin” starts single plays, while “Max Bet Spin” does the same, with the multiplier raised to ten. (Neither Auto Play or Turbo Mode options are available.) The “Options” button can be used to adjust the sound and graphics, while “View Pays” displays the symbols and their payouts.

Fireworks Made of Money

Three or more consecutive matching symbols usually constitute a win in contemporary slots. But Boomanji pays out from left to right and right to left, starting from the fifth and first reels. These symbols and their payouts are as follows:

  • Purple fireworks: three = 5x line bet, four = 10x, five = 25x
  • Yellow fireworks: three = 5x line bet, four = 10x, five = 25x
  • Green Ka-Pows: three = 7x line bet, four = 15x, five = 40x
  • Red Rockets: three = 8x line bet, four = 20x, five = 50x
  • Purple Turbo Bombs: three = 10x line bet, four = 25x, five = 60x
  • Blue Mega Booms: three = 25x line bet, four = 60x, five = 120x
  • Red-Green-Blue fireworks: three = 50x line bet, four = 200x, five = 250x

There are no scatter symbols or bonus game icons, though the slot does have a Fireworks Crate symbol as its wild card.

One Explosive Feature

The Fireworks Crate wild symbol is found on reels two, three and four. When it appears, it expands up and down creating a wild reel. That means all three spots on that reel can substitute for any symbol. The wins are counted, then a free re-spin starts up with the wild reel locked in place, with a chance for a second round of payouts.

This free re-spin game allows for compounding wilds, which means that if additional wild symbols are revealed during the free spin, those reels also become wild and the re-spins continue. This has the potential for creating the game’s largest wins. For example, during a test spin a second, then third wild appeared, creating four spins with up to 60% of the slot being wild, and a 11900 credit payout on a 100 credit bet.

Boom or Fizzle?

Opinions of Boomanji will likely split into two camps. More experienced slot players may bemoan the dearth of features, and aggressive gamers can be irked by the lack of efficient spin options. Meanwhile, new and occasional slot gamers will enjoy the straightforward gaming and the valued wild symbol.

Members of both sides can appreciate the excellent graphics and the absence of annoying characters. All players are recommended to get a feel for Boomanji in its free mode first.

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