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It has finally happened. Mermaids are the “Hoes” of the sea. In Cash Money Mermaids, Betsoft has lifted the title and theme from Jay-Z’s “Money Cash Hoes” in an attempt to make a unique entertaining slot game.

With gold grills to spray-painted symbols to pimp hats to the half-fish ladies showing off their rear ends (but they have no legs!) filling its design, Cash Money Mermaids requires the player (henceforth “playa” to keep with the motif) to decide how he or she feels about the exploitation of the ghetto fabulous lifestyle before gameplay begins. Angered playas should play one of the hundreds of other free slot games that avoid this subject, instead. Gamers who are happy to roll with this theme if it proves lucrative may continue. They can spin in free or paid modes on desktop platforms.

Cash Money Slot

For a game focusing on extravagance, the five-reel three-row slot itself is quite small in a desktop window, with a simple ocean floor taking up most of the view. But the 25 paylines are marked clearly on the reels and the playa’s cash money fields are well displayed at the top and bottom of the screen. Adjustable coin denomination between .01 and 5.00 with the “Value” buttons. Set playlines with the “Lines” buttons. Choose single plays with the “Spin” button, or customize automatic spins in increments of five, up to more than 2000(!) with the “Auto Play” switch. Find explanations of gameplay and symbols with the “Info” button at the bottom of the reels.

Under Sea Iconography

Payouts launch when three or more consecutive matching symbols align from left to right, leading from the first reel, on a played payline.

The lowest-prized symbols are playing card values of 9 to Ace, shown in a stylized tagger-like font. Next valued are a pair of seahorses, posing, wearing colors and fashioning large clocks on their tails. Then comes the champagne-hoisting octopus. The much-awaited trio of multicultural mer-ladies is the second highest paying icon. King Tune with his gold chain and huge feathered hat, is indeed the pimpest symbol.

The game’s wild symbol is a fist clenching a set of gold knuckles. It substitutes for any standard icon on a winning payline, while also providing its own high payouts. A glittering Cash Money scatter symbol dishes out small winnings but also triggers the free spin game when three or more appear on screen.

Feature Paper

King Tune himself leads the free spin game. He says, “Cash Money, Dogg,” then an electronic West Coast Hip-Hop tune begins. On each bonus spin, the be-grilled white Neptune turns one to 15 symbols into Wilds. The quantity of these helpful zaps is established at random, often producing some of the game’s biggest winnings.

Cash Money Mermaids also comes with a progressive jackpot that ticks upwards with each spin. The game provides no information about how it is won, but its large total doesn’t shift with different coin values, leaving one to wonder if a $0.01 bet is as likely to pick up a $40K win as a $125.00 bet.

Big Flow

Leaving behind, if one may, the potentially problematic theme, Cash Money Mermaids is an easy, fun play. Its graphics are crisp and the animation runs smoothly. Its general structure and features will be familiar to all playas. The wild symbols are frequent, and less-than-bet “wins” are relatively infrequent.

The arbitrariness of the features may be frustrating to some. Slot play is random by nature, but the result of one’s bet and spin not determining the game’s biggest wins adds more than a hint of triviality to gameplay.

But, overall, Cash Money Mermaids should appeal to casual gamers with its straightforward gameplay, and to seasoned playas thanks to the frequent free spins.

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