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Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine impresses with its graphics-heavy 3D look and cinematic feel, while keeping game play simple. The feature games’ intensive cut scenes take the player time traveling as bonus wins are accrued. Smaller in-reel features add surprises to nearly every spin’s results. Designed by Betsoft, Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine slot looks and sounds best on desktop platforms, but all its graphics can make game play choppy on slower computers. Though it looks less thrilling on mobile, the game will run much smoother in its free and paid modes.

Welcome to the Machine

Miles is a bit of an inventor and his whole lab keeps in motion during gameplay. He and his Curious Machine stand in the lower right corner, animated on every spin, though are limited to a few reactions.

The steampunk slot sits in the middle of the screen. The five reels and three rows produce 30 paylines. It’s easy to adjust a bet with the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Choose between unit values of .02 and .50 with the “Choose Coin” field. Pick from one to 30 paylines with “Select Lines”, while using the “Bet Per Line” button to select between one and five. The game includes single spin and autospin options in the buttons near Miles and the Machine

The slot’s big soundtrack and sound effects can be muted with the “Sound Off” button at the top left of the screen. “View Paylines” at the top right leads to helpful game information pages.

Symbols of Adventure

Regular symbols pay out when three or more align in a row, from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel on a play payline.

The Blueprint and Future City pay the least, while appearing often. The Time Gauge and Control Panel pay out the next most. The story’s antagonist, The General, offers up bigger winnings, but it’s two heroes’ symbols that are the most valuable.

There are three additional special symbols that set off their own features.

Feature Presentation

The Vortex serves as a wild card on every spin, but if no wins are produced then The Vortex spins all the symbols around it until they land in a different order, providing another chance for credits.

Getting three or more Dinosaur symbols takes Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine to a prehistoric setting. There the player gets ten free spins on a set of reels similar to the regular ones but without the feature symbols. A winning multiplier spins along with the reels offering 1x to 5x per play. The player is also rewarded with a carnivorous dinosaur cameo as the heroes make their escape.

Another cutscene begins when three or more Time Travel symbols are scattered on the reels. Miles and his machine escape the probing General by flying through time, stopping in three different periods to collect payouts.

The slot also offers a Reel Rewind feature when all 30 lines are in play. If a spin ends winless, occasionally one of the five reels re-spins backwards providing a second chance for a paying combo.

A Busy Game

When the Reel Rewind is in play, Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine slot game produces frequent successful paylines. Most of these wins are limited, usually less than the bet, so the player either enjoys getting something from nothing or sees through the lure of the small “win”.

The two main features reward the player with well-produced cutscenes, while the games themselves are simple. Time Travel seems to offer the better payouts, while the Dino Reels produce few wins because the Reel Rewind is not in play during that game.

As complex as the graphics appear, the gameplay is easy. That short learning curve will appeal to new players, especially those already dazzled by the design. But it’s the features rather than the aesthetic that will keep the more critical gamers playing Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine slot.

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