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For every fan of feature-loaded graphics-heavy video slots, there’s another player just looking for a low-key classic slot game. It’s for these vintage slot enthusiasts that Betsoft has released Diamond Dreams. Designed to replicate the look of the many familiar analog slot machines found on many casino floors, Diamond Dreams is easy to learn and play. Though it does not have a progressive jackpot like its sister slot, Progressive Diamond Jackpot, it does crank out frequent wins and includes a pair of small features. Aficionados of this style can enjoy Diamond Dreams in free or paid modes on desktop platforms.

The Classic Look

Diamond Dreams doesn’t have the detail of other Betsoft analog slot reproductions, like Lucky 7 and Triple Crown, and comes across a little more cartoon-like as well. But it still has the style right. There are coin and dollar feeders on the right side. Simple gameplay buttons, like “Bet One”, “Spin” and “Bet Max” are positioned at the bottom. Credit fields are given humble red digital counters. The colorful curved reels sit in the center and spin like their physical counterparts. Meanwhile, the paytable displays winnings at the top of the screen.

The game has five paylines, three horizontal and two diagonal. The coin value can be adjusted between .02 and 1.00. Bets can be placed from one to five credits per spin.

From Cherries to Diamonds

Diamond Dreams uses classic reel symbols as well. Wins occur when three corresponding symbols align on played payline. The symbols and payouts are as follows:

  • Seven-Bell-Cherries: 3 credits
  • Single bar: 5 credits
  • Double bar: 10 credits
  • Triple bar: 20 credits
  • Cherries: 25 credits
  • Bell: 50 credits
  • Red Seven: 100 credits
  • Diamonds: 750 credits (+250 bonus with max bet)

Features and Strategies

The diamond symbol also serves as a wild card, standing in for any other symbol on a played payline. This symbol also pays out a bonus when three diamonds appear on a played payline during a max bet.

Diamond Dreams is a flat top slot, which means it does not have a progressive jackpot. Its top payout remains the same throughout the game.

Multiple-payline slots have lower payouts than single payline slots due to the increased win opportunities. Diamond Dreams tries to offset that with a wild symbol that creates even more wins.

Diamond Dreams has much lower payouts than Progressive Diamond Jackpot, but does indeed spool out more wins when multiple paylines are played. That’s one motivation in favor of a maximum bet. Another reason to play the max bet is the increased payout from three diamonds. Otherwise, a winning line pays the same whether the player has bet one credit or five. Another negative aspect is the fact that Diamond Dreams includes a frequent payout that’s valued less than the max bet, turning a “win” into a loss.

Digging Diamonds

Thriftier slot players may balk at the game’s low payouts and the weak overall results of a multiple-payline slot. More aggressive gamers looking for autospins and quick games will grow bored quickly. Seasoned players could take issue with the minimal bonus for playing the maximum bet, fewer winning combinations and monotonous gameplay.

But new players may enjoy the slot’s simplicity. Casual players and longtime fans of classic Las Vegas slot machines should find Diamond Dreams appealing as well. Betsoft has gotten the look right and has not hidden the old-fashioned gaming behind flashy facades.

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