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It’s human nature to borrow from the ideas of others when you’re making something yourself. Many of the products we use everyday were originally improvements on another product. Even still, it’s sort of an odd and unsavory business model. Video games are especially hit hard by this, and as a result many of them end up very similar. Slot games are no exception, either; most modern slot machine games have the same setup with a bonus game and a free spins feature—boring!

Betsoft is here to give you something a little bit different with their Double Sixteen slot game. Although this game is pretty simple, it’s got a very unique setup that closely mirrors Action Wheel. This is the perfect free casino game for anyone who likes basic payline wins but prefers something a bit different.

Features & How to Play

There are two sets of four reels in Double Sixteen, each with 4 rows and 16 paylines. This gives you tons of different ways to win since you can match paylines on both sets of reels. There are four bet options: 5, 10, 20 and 40. The only other options you have, aside from one which will be discussed later, are to collect your prize and autoplay. When you click autoplay, the game will keep spinning automatically until you press stop.

To the right of the bottom reel there is a paytable. This paytable doesn’t update as you change your bet because the prizes don’t update as you change your bet. Instead, you’ll get more active paylines for playing with a higher bet. A bet of 5 allows you to play with 4 paylines, a bet of 10 allows you to play with 8 paylines, a bet of 20 allows you to play with 16 paylines, and a bet of 40 allows you to play with 32 paylines.

There aren’t many symbols in this game. The symbols with the lowest value are the orange, lemon and grape, followed by the plum, strawberry and watermelon, then the bar symbol, then the treasure chest symbol. The largest prize you can win from these symbols is 200 for a match of 3 treasure chests.

As you spin, the 10 meters to the right of the top reel will fill up with the credits you’re spending and winning. The select meter button at the bottom of the game allows you to switch between the different meters. When you win, some of your money goes to the meters. It’s unclear what the meters do when they’re filled up to a certain point because this game has no instructions.


It’s not difficult to find a free version of Double Sixteen that you can try out. Just look for a demo version of this game at any online casino you frequent. If you can’t find it there, search for it on Google. You won’t need to sign up for an account until you’re sure you want to deposit and play for cash.

Unfortunately, you can’t play this slot game on your mobile devices. Like many of Betsoft’s slot games, especially the more unique ones, Double Sixteen uses a plugin which isn’t compatible with smartphones and tablets.


Double Sixteen may have a daringly different layout, but is the risk in design worth the reward in gameplay? This is a really tough one to answer.

First off, the design of Double Sixteen is much like Action Wheel; it’s very sleek but it’s pretty basic. There is no music and the sound effects are a bit repetitive. All in all, the design of this game lands somewhere near perfectly average.

As for the gameplay, it is a fun game but it’s a little bit confusing. The payline wins are nice but playesr are left guessing what the meters are actually for because, just like Action Wheel, Double Sixteen has no included instructions. I’m sure you could figure it out over time, but is that really worth it?

If you’re looking for a unique double-reel slot game to play, you should probably stick with Action Reel over Double Sixteen for its better features.

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