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In 1818, Mary Shelly published a novel about a scientist who gives life to a creature of his design. Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus was authored in the Gothic and Romantic styles, while including references to John Milton’s Paradise Lost. But the story is better remembered today through its bastardizations in dozens of horror films, TV adaptations, songs, toys, comics and video games. In Frankenslot’s Monster, Betsoft has designed a slot game that at least gets Frankie’s identity correct (he’s the scientist, not the monster). Betsoft loads the game with high-definition graphics and bonus features to keep a wide range of players captivated. Frankenslot’s Monster is available for free and paid gaming on mobile and desktop platforms.

Dazzling Design

Frankenslot’s Monster slot is constantly in motion, even when the reels aren’t spinning. The scientist and creature, positioned on either side of the reels, are always moving, pondering their surroundings or cheering on spins. Bubbles rise in the background and winning paylines dance about. The intensity of the graphics sometimes slows the game down when the gaming platform cannot keep up.

Spinning Frankenslots

Despite the slot’s sophisticated look, the gameplay will be familiar to most gamers. It’s built on a recognizable five-reel three-row structure and the buttons are well designed and clearly labeled to facilitate easier play.

Single spins are triggered with the “Spin” button, while automatic spins can be customized with the “Auto Play” button. The game’s paylines are locked at 20, but the bet can be adjusted using the “Choose Coin” and “Bet Per Line” fields. The “View Plays” button leads to a detailed explanation of features and payouts.


Winnings are rewarded when three or more consecutive symbols align from left to right along a payline, starting from the first reel.

The lowest paying symbols are playing card values, from 10 to Ace. Five thematic symbols pay out more, with Frankenslot and the Monster delivering the highest winnings of the group. The Wild symbol pays out even higher, while also standing in for all of the regular symbols.

Scatters and Features

Frankenslot’s Monster comes with two scatter symbols that trigger their own bonus games.

Scatter Boxes appear on reels two, three and four. When three of these symbols appear, the Free Spins game begins and the player is gifted eight bonus spins. The poor monster is electrocuted with each free spin, causing him to shoot electricity at the reels, creating one, two or three extra wild symbols. If the player lands three Scatter Boxes in a free spin, he or she gets an additional eight free spins.

The Bonus symbol starts the Bonus game when it appears three times on reels one, three and five. The player adjusts settings on an electrical panel, and then the monster is electrocuted (again). This results in an award up to 25x the total bet. Settings on the panel don’t seem to influence the final award.

In addition to these features, a gambling game is offered during regular spins. By clicking the “Double Up” button after a win, the player can gamble a payout on a coin flip. Picking the right side doubles the winnings, while the wrong choice forfeits the entire amount.

Monster of a Game

Frankenslot’s Monster’s graphics are commendable, but may be overkill at times. The scientist and monster have only so many programmed reactions so they get repetitive after a couple dozen spins, proving to be mild irritant after a while. An option to remove them would have been appreciated, and may have helped smooth out the graphics when too much is going on. And though the intensity of the animation isn’t totally necessary during the bonus games, it does add some entertainment value.

But with its scatters, wilds, free spins and bonus game, Frankenslot’s Monster has plenty of replay value, which will appeal to experienced gamers who want more than visuals. Casual slot players will enjoy the familiar gameplay, and may even enjoy being cheered on by Frankenslot’s monster himself.

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