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Rubbing a lamp and meeting a genie seems like an exciting adventure. If you were ever in Aladdin’s position, what would you have wished for? You can find out by taking a spin on Genie’s Fortune.

Genie’s Fortune is an Arabian-themed game. This 5-reel slot game is designed by Betsoft and follows a theme similar to Aladdin with monkeys, belly dancers and treasures littered everywhere. Arabian music plays in the background, and you’ll need to maneuver around the board to meet the genie and to go on a magical carpet ride. There are interesting bonus rounds that will keep you entertained. All in all, Genie’s Fortune is an amazing slot game, and is a great choice even for players who don’t have much of an interest in Arabian-themed slot games.

Meet the Characters in this Game

There are plenty of characters that you can meet in Genie’s Fortune to have a magical experience. There are belly dancers, camels, monkeys and a bunch of different treasures like gold bars, golden pots and more.

The belly dancers offer the highest payout. 5 belly dancers in an active payline will pay out 200 times the line bet. 5 camels in an active payline will pay out 160 times the line bet. These are decent rates as far as slot games go. All wins pay from left to right and right to left.

Pay Up for a Magical and Unforgettable Adventure

In order to progress through this slot game and to eventually meet the genie, you’ll need to bet on anywhere from 1 to 30 lines. Obviously, the more lines that you bet on, the higher the odds of landing a winning spin.

You can bet anywhere from 0.02 to 1.00 game credits or $0.02 to $1.00 in real money in this game. This means you can bet as little as $0.02 or as much as $30.00 on each spin. The wide range of betting options make this game suitable for all kinds of slot game players.

Make a Wish

To meet the genie in the game, you’ll need to somehow land 3 genie symbols on an active payline. This will bring you to a separate screen where you can enjoy the Genie’s Fortune Bonus Round, and make a wish.

When this bonus round is unlocked, you’ll be asked to wake up the genie from a long slumber by clicking on a lamp that is floating on the screen. Once the genie is awake, he will reward you with one of 6 different wishes. You can choose between wealth, fame, everlasting love, travel, wisdom and long life. Choose wisely, as what you choose will determine the type of prize that you’ll be walking away with.

Open Up the Treasure Chest for Free Spins

Another fairly interesting bonus feature to stumble across is the Free Spin Bonus Round. You’ll find free spins once you find and open up 3 or more treasure chest symbols that appear on the board. You’ll win 5 free spins with 3 treasure chest symbols, 10 free spins with 4 treasure chest symbols and a whopping 20 free spins with 5 treasure chest symbols.

Befriend the Monkey for Additional Help in Winning Instant Prizes

Much like Aladdin, you also have the opportunity to befriend a monkey in this game. The monkey will only appear on position 2 on reel 3, which is right in the middle of the entire board.

When the monkey appears, 4 icons will appear on top, below and on both sides of the monkey. Click on an icon to reveal a cash prize. You can continue to select the icons on the board until you select one that reveals a ‘Collect’ sign under a cash prize.

Take a Ride on the Magic Carpet

Take a magical ride on the magic carpet and you can unlock various bonus rounds. The magic carpet symbol will only appear in reel 1. Once it appears, it will fly across the screen. Every symbol that it touches will transform into a bonus symbol. You can transform up to 4 symbols into bonus credits.

Overall Experience

Not only are the graphics in this game stunning, but all of the bonus rounds definitely add to the atmosphere of the game. With all of the various features offered, Genie’s Fortune is definitely a worthwhile game to play. It can be played on both a desktop and a mobile device. Although Betsoft is known for making amazing slot games, they definitely exceeded

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