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Numbers take on meanings beyond counting in many cultures. In Hebrew, as well as some Indian languages, numbers have direct relationships with letters and words. In some Christian denominations the number three is related to holiness by way of the Trinity. Buildings around the world skip number 13 when labeling their stories due to its connection to bad luck.

In Chinese tradition, the number eight is linked to prosperity and wealth. License plates, phone numbers and flight numbers with the number eight are coveted. Multiple eights are even more desirable. For instance when the Summer Olympics was held in Beijing, the Chinese government made sure it began on 08/08/08 at 8:08:08. It’s with this number’s significance in mind that Betsoft created Great 88 slot.

Elegant Design

Great 88’s graphics are gorgeous. From the gently colorful background, to finely detailed symbols, to exquisite animation, the game never fails to thrill the eye. Though it’s available—for free and paid gaming—on mobile devices, it looks best on desktop screens.

Gameplay unfolds on a five-reel three-row structure, under which sit easily navigable buttons. Paylines are locked at 30, but the total bet can be adjusted using the “Choose Coin” and “Bet Level” fields. “Spin” starts single plays, while automatic spins can be customized with “Auto Play”. The “?” button leads to a thorough information sheet.

Great Many Symbols

The game utilizes three sets of bamboo bars for its lowest paying icons. Red and green diamonds with Chinese figures are the next highest valued symbols. Number six, another lucky number in Chinese numerology, pays twice the amount of the diamonds, while the great number eight pays twice as much as the six. The most lucrative symbols, in order of increasing value are: knotted rope, jade frog, lion and dragon.

Firecrackers are the wild symbol, substituting for all standard symbols, and delivering excellent payouts. Lucky boxes are the game’s scatter symbol and result in six bonus features when three or more boxes appear.

Wealth of Features

The randomly selected lucky box features include:

  1. Top Symbols – Boxes release dragon and lion symbols which pair up with existing payline symbols to produce big wins.
  2. Instant Win Coins – Each box reveals one to three bronze coins. Added up, they equal a total bet multiplier ranging between 3x and 15x.
  3. Firecracker Wilds – Boxes turn into wild symbols which explode and turn other fields into wild symbols, increasing the chances of winnings.
  4. Free Spin Coins – Boxes release one to five jade coins, adding up to reveal a number of free spins between three and 25.
  5. Bonus Wheel – Boxes reveal golden dumplings which represent spins on a bonus wheel. The wheel’s prizes include eight free spins, 5x, 10x, 20x total bet or a Mega Win Wheel spin.
  6. Mega Win Wheel – If the Bonus Wheel’s pointer lands in the Mega Win field, a new wheel appears. This wheel holds prizes of 100x, 750x and 6000x total bet.

Great and Not So Great

Great 88 is my favorite slot when it comes to visuals and features. It’s a beautiful game that commits to its theme, appealing to players of all backgrounds. It also incorporates so many different types of bonuses that it’s easy to get hooked, anticipating which one will show up next.

Unfortunately it’s also one of the stingiest slots I’ve played. Due to the high quantity of different symbols, wins are very difficult to come by unless one lands wild symbols or lucky boxes. For instance, while preparing to review Great 88, I played 500 spins. Out of these, there were only 14 wins that didn’t require wilds or boxes.

Great 88 will appeal most to sinophiles. Its design and features should draw in experienced gamers as well. Casual players may be overwhelmed at first, but should warm up to the gameplay quickly. But whether a player is willing to wait dozens of spins for a single win will determine if this game is right for him or her.

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