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You may have heard about goblins if you’re familiar with Middle Ages folklore or fantasy RPGs. These smallish green creatures have freakishly disproportionate ears and noses, even in comparison to their abnormally large heads. But goblins are actually most famously known for being some of the greediest, treasure-hoarding creatures in all of folklore. Whether they’re stealing bags of coins from a crowd of unsuspecting humans or stashing their loot in a safe place, goblins always have money on the mind.

Who better to run a slot game than a greedy goblin from the Middle Ages? Betsoft’s Greedy Goblins slot game is an intricately designed 5×3 slot game where the only thing standing between you and piles of gold is a particularly greedy goblin.

Features & How to Play

Greedy Goblins has 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines. The paylines in this game are fixed which means you can’t toggle them on and off. Instead, you can adjust your bet per line which can be any value between 1 and 5 credits for a total of 30 and 150 credits, respectively. There is also a setting for coin value that allows you to further customize your bet.

After a winning spin, you have the option of collecting your winnings or betting them double or nothing. If you choose to bet double or nothing, you’ll get to choose one of two sides of a coin for a 50/50 shot at doubling your winnings or turning them into nothing. You can collect your winnings or choose to continue betting at any time during the Double Up feature.

All of the symbols in Greedy Goblins pay out for matches of 3 or more. The wanted poster is the lowest valued symbol, followed by the moon, the gem, the goblet, the crown, the mushroom house, the goblin and the elf. With the minimum bet of 1 credit per line, the largest prize you can win from these symbols is 12,500. The paytable will update to reflect your current bet settings as you change them.

If you land 5 elf symbols using the max bet, you’ll win the jackpot shown in the top-left corner of the game (6,346.22 at the time of writing). If this happens, the normal 5x elf reward won’t be paid.

Land 2 or more gold coins and the goblin will scurry to collect it and replace it with new symbols.

Getting a sticky wild symbol will give you up to 3 free re-spins. During these spins, the triggering reel will be entirely wild, and any additional wild symbols will turn other reels wild. You can win up to 6 free spins if two symbols trigger the feature.


You can try Greedy Goblins for free online without even having to sign up for an account. Just look for this game on Google or at a reputable online casino and give it a spin.

Greedy Goblins is even available for mobile devices through many of these websites. If you can find this game at an online casino, it will probably work with your smartphone, although you may need to try a few different links to find one that works.


The biggest draw of Greedy Goblins is definitely the design. If you’re a sucker for great visuals in slots, you’ll love this game. A nicely drawn and animated 3D goblin sits to the left of the reels in front of a detailed, gnarled tree house, and the symbols are equally intricate. There is also very nice background music and sound effects which give this game a nice fantasy feel.

But the gameplay isn’t bad, either. You don’t have the traditional free spins/bonus features found in many games, but there are a few cool features to keep the game from getting stale. The jackpot is especially great.

With so many slot games to choose from, it’s hard to say you should choose Greedy Goblins. But if you love well-designed slot games, or you’re looking for something different, you’ll definitely want to give it a spin.

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