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If greed is indeed one of the Seven Deadly Sins, get ready to indulge the dark side once you sit down to play Betsoft’s exciting slot game, Hell Raiser. Eschewing the fancy layouts of digital slot machines, Hell Raiser is a classic slot that is evocative of a 1980s style slot released in time for the 1990s, and while the game is lacking in scatter icons, wild symbols, progressive play or mobile play, Hell Raiser is an exciting game to play offering an array of big ways to win. For those who are unafraid of playing with the devil, Hell Raiser delivers on the promise of an exciting, fun gaming experience.

Getting Down on Hell Raiser

Released in 2014, Hell Raiser is a four-reel, multi-line, 10-line variation, utterly unaffiliated with the Clive Barker horror film franchise by the same name, Hell Raiser is a classic slot machine offering classic gaming icons including a bevy of fruit related symbols like:

  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Blueberries
  • Watermelons
  • Grapes

Based on a 4 X 3 grid, the game is segmented on the game screen between a top section were the spinning action happens, a lower section featuring your available paylines, and an area that details your wagers, credits, and winnings. In keeping with the trappings one might find in the nether regions of hell however, players should also keep an eye open for the appearance of devil or bat symbols.

Payouts can be won by playing on a single payline or upwards of all ten paylines. Wins occur on the appearance of two matching symbols from left to right. With a pricy minimum bet of $1, additional wagers can be made at the $5, $10, and $20 levels, the payouts can be fairly substantial when you hit the right combination of symbols.

Additionally, the higher the wager amount the higher potential you have for winning big money prizes. The top win on the game remain $100 with five paylines in action, other money values get bumped up accordingly. For instance, the payout for watermelon and grape combinations go from forty to sixty coins, while the payout for blueberries and strawberries doubles from twenty to forty coins for a win.

Playing all ten paylines boosts the top payout to 200 coins with correspondingly higher payouts for watermelons and grapes earn the player 120 coins while strawberries and blueberries nets the player 80 coins. At the higher 10-payline level, oranges, cherries, and lemons also bring in the money with 40 coin combination wins.

Special Features in Hell Raiser

As mentioned, higher bets trigger bigger rewards and that includes the following benefits at the one oin level:

Hold Reel—allow you to select “hold” on any reel for the next spin thus optimizing your chances of hitting more matching symbols on the next spin. Should you change your mind after selecting your holds, you can easily cancel the decision by hitting the reset button.

Coin Toss Double or Nothing—is a feature that lets you win double your win option at the one coin level, which means that you hit “Choose Bet” if you believe the coin will be heads, “Take Clubmeter” button if you think that the coin will come up tails.

With higher risks come higher payoffs and when you wager three or more coins you are eligible for entering the Hell Raiser Mode. Hell Raiser Mode triggers when three bats appear on a regular spin. You will be awarded two hundred Hell Raiser credits and two devil tokens. Each win garners additional devil tokens, and you will remain in Hell Raiser Mode until you have exhausted all of your devil tokens.

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