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Brought to you by Betsoft Gaming, House of Fun is an interactive thriller slot game. Join two kids, Paul and Jane, as their car breaks down on the side of a leery road. Their only hope is a stone mansion down the road that will bring chills down your spine. As they travel down the road, they meet a man digging up a grave who points them towards the mansion but warns them to ‘Beware of the House of Fun’. Once inside, the kids are trapped and run into scary-looking, questionable characters that will turn your face pale.

This 5 by 3 reels of House of Fun is placed on the gates the manor. The 3D animations are intricate, and you truly feel as if you’re watching a thriller unfold before your eyes. The creepy music in the background definitely doesn’t help improve the mood. Take a spin on the House of Fun with either a desktop or a mobile device to help these two innocent kids escape the mansion and find their way home.

Be Warned of What Lurks Inside the House of Fun

The House of Fun truly isn’t as fun as it sounds. If anything, it’s terrifying!

Once inside, you’ll meet 4 questionable characters: the man who was digging up the grave, a creepy man who swallows fish whole and spits out the bones, a scary-looking guy who follows you around and a crazy ringmaster. There’s a spooky looking cat, paintings, mirrors, candles and gargoyles right around every corner. You definitely don’t want to stay long.

The questionable characters offer the highest payout although you probably don’t want to run into them. The creepy guy who swallows fishes whole and spits out the bones is worth 150 times your line bet if you run into him 5 times in a row on an active payline. The same can be said for the creepy guy who follows you around.

Although scary, the House of Fun offers you ample opportunities to walk away with a tidy sum. You’ll even get a payout for winning combinations that consist of just 2 symbols. All payouts are awarded from the left to the right side of the reel.

Reveal Cash Prizes from Meeting the Ringmaster

Upon exploring the House of Fun slot game, you’ll find that the ringmaster is more than happy to have guests in the house. Unfortunately, his sentiments aren’t returned.

The Mad Click Me Feature gets triggered and activated when 3 or more ringmaster symbols appear on paylines 1, 2 and 3. You can click on each symbol to reveal an instant cash prize until you hit a symbol that reveals a ‘Collect’ sign. Then, it’s back to the House of Fun for you!

Crank the Jack-in-the-Box for Free Spins

What’s creepier than a house filled with scary people that have gone mad?

There’s a jack-in-the-box symbol in this game that can really put the fear of god in you. When 3 or more of these symbols are found scattered on the reels, crank the jack-in-the-box to trigger the Jack Free Spins Feature. A scary-looking monster that is absolutely too large to fit inside the box will come popping out to give you a good fright.

Fortunately, you’ll also win some free slot games when this happens. During the free spins, the center reel will remain wild.

Get Out of There with the Escape Bonus Round

With all of the creepy figures in the House of Fun, it’s no wonder why the Paul and Jane can’t wait to leave. Unfortunately, once you enter the House of Fun, leaving is a lot more difficult. You have a chance of escaping when you land 3 or more door knockers on an active payline. This transports you to a separate screen where you’ll play the Escape Bonus Round.

You’ll find yourself in a room with 5 doors. Each door has an instant cash prize hiding behind it, but only one will lead to an escape. The others will have you face-to-face with scary people and situations.

Try to Escape

Play up to 30 lines in the free House of Fun slot game. To have a chance at escaping, you’ll need to decide on a bet between 1 to 5 coins for each line you are playing. There are two versions of House of Fun: a paid version and a free version. If you’re playing the free version to get a hand on the game, you’ll be asked to assign a coin value between 0.02 to 0.50 to each coin. On the other hand, if you’re comfortable playing with real money, coin values will range from $0.02 to $0.50.

Overall Verdict

There’s just no escaping the House of Fun casino game. Everywhere that you go, you run into creepy people and items that trap you deeper into the stone mansion. If you make it alive, however, you’ll run into many bonus rounds and features along the way that can help you win a huge jackpot for your mental anguish. Overall, House of Fun is a difficult slot game to forget.

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