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According to Betsoft’s exhilarating free slot game, It Came from Venus, women are not the only beings that come from the second planet from the sun. It Came from Venus is a fast paced animated slot experience that has as its theme an otherworldly visitation from Venus that arrives on Earth, transported via a mysterious asteroid, in the form of a Giant Venus Flytrap. While typically known for the sole intention off eating human beings, this particular plant is of the friendly variety and has found a willing champion in a local farmer.

The story centers on the player assuming the role of Skeeter, a local farmer, who diligently attempts to keep his new alien plant friend safe from attack and roving army patrols. The United States Army is an implacable foe however, but with your help you can help keep this friendly alien out of harm’s way.

Playing It Came From Venus

Betsoft’s design team’s 2012 offering, It Came from Venus slot game, features a gripping 3D presentation on 5-reels and exciting 30-paylines. With bets as low as a penny and ranging to a maximum wager of $.50 per payline, wagers can be as high as 150 coins with a potential jackpot payoff of 2500 coins. A myriad of bonus rounds and special features drives the action and excitement level of this 3D gaming experience.

The game offers an array of symbols including, of course, Skeeter and the Venus Flytrap, but also army vehicles, hay delivery guy, government officials, scarecrows, farm implements, helicopters, dog house, farm house, food sacks, and No Trespassing signs.

The No Trespassing sign is designed to warn of unwanted visitors, but it also serves as the scatter symbol for this game with potential cash outlays of three scatters for 450 credits, four scatter symbols earn you 650 credits, and the appearance of five No Trespassing signs adds 1500 credits to your account.

Random wilds offer the chance to up your wins with multipliers of 2X, 3X, 5X, and 10X the win with stacked collapsible Wilds that kick in when an entire reel has the exact same symbol.

Being on a farm, you will want to accumulate food in the form of three sacks of feed to feed your extraterrestrial plant friend. These sacks will periodically appear before bouncing from the reel to a barrel for the Venus Plant’s consumption. As an added bonus, once you have collected tour third bag of feed you trigger eleven free spins.

As they say, “If you’re going to go—Go Big,” and the “Save the Planet” bonus round is all about “Going Big.” Gather three helicopter symbols t9o begin the Save the Planet bonus round that opens up an entirely new screen. In this round the United States military successfully grabs the Venus Flytrap and Skeeter jumps to the rescue. After jumping unto the military Humvee, Skeeter finds five boxes labeled “Top Secret,” with the goal of locating the maximum number of empty crates prior to locating and saving the Venus Flytrap.

Each crate offers random instant wins with credits going to your account with each selection. Once you have tapped located and saved the Venus Flytrap, the bonus round shuts down and your winnings are transferred to your account.

Betsoft’s Finest Offering: It Came From Venus

We all have our favorite designers and Betsoft has earned a dedicated following of its online and brick-and-mortar slot games. For that dedicated fan base, perhaps no game is as warmly received as It Came from Venus casino game. Launched in 2012, the game was offered on a mobile platform two years later and the game has only grown in popularity since that time. The game receives high marks for graphics, ease of play, exciting bonuses, and gripping excitement level. For players looking for the very best in gaming options, It Came From Venus is the obvious choice for exciting game play and impressive payouts

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