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Jackpot 2000 is an online slot game that does whatever it can to separate the player from his or her money. The game starts with a set of simple reels, then once a winning combination is paid out, the player is offered two different ways to increase or lose the payout. Jackpot 2000 provides no explanation about how the game works, so the player has to figure it out on his or her own. The key to the game is collecting each standard win without being lured by the extra options. This slot is available for free or paid gaming on desktop and mobile platforms.

Slot Interface

This three-reel three-row slot by Betsoft has five playable paylines. The bet’s coin value is adjustable, from .02 to .50, in the field to the right of the reels. Bets can be set from one to 10 using the “Bet” button, or automatically set to 10 with the “Max Bet” switch. “Spin” starts single plays in both the regular and Supermeter games. The game’s most important button is “Collect” which moves all remaining payout credits to the player’s balance.

There are no autoplay or options buttons to modify the gameplay. Worse, there is no game information button.

Simple Symbols

Jackpot 2000 has a set of familiar slot symbols that, aside from one exception, pay out the same no matter how much money is bet. These symbols are, in order of increasing value: Cherries, Lemons, Grapes, Bells, Stars and Jokers. Picking up three matching symbols on a payline leads to a win. There are no wild nor scatter symbols.

Secondary Games

With every winning spin comes two flashing options for the player. He or she can guess heads or tails on a flipped coin, or move the winnings up to the Supermeter game to try for more wins.

The coin flip can be guessed using the Joker and Star buttons between the “Bet” and “Max Bet” buttons at the bottom of the screen. A correct guess doubles the existing payout. An incorrect choice loses it all.

The Supermeter game, simply triggered by clicking “Spin” after a win, bets 20 credits and spins the reels for a chance at additional payouts.

There is a third option, but it doesn’t flash. That is the highly recommended “Collect” button. Pressing it collects winnings rather than risking them on the two games.


The benefit to the Supermeter game is unconvincing. The player is forced to bet 20 credits at a time, yet all but one mystery payout pays back the same as the standard 10 credit bet. The player is losing his or her money twice as fast as the regular spins without knowing what the “Mystery” payment will be for collecting two jokers.

Payouts on the regular spins, though somewhat infrequent (15% of the 450 test spins), always pay at least 2x the bet, with three cherries paying 20 credits on the smallest win. Thus collecting one’s wins and then playing only the regular spins is a more profitable option than the Supermeter game.

Meanwhile, there’s some doubt about the 50/50 proposition of the coin flip. In 60 rounds of playing this game during test spins, 60 random guesses turned up 15 correct guess and 45 incorrect guesses. It is again recommended that one promptly collects a regular spin’s payout rather than risking it on this secondary game.

What Jackpot? What 2000?

Even the slot’s name is questionable. There’s no progressive jackpot, and the largest payout is just as high during the regular game as it is in the Supermeter game. And unless the slot was released in the year 2000, there’s no reference to that number anywhere else in the game.

If one ignores the slot’s features, then the gameplay is simple and payouts are moderate. But there are countless available old-school three-reel three-row games that include fewer distractions. Thus it is highly recommended the player tests out Jackpot 2000 in free mode before risking real money.

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