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For anyone who bypasses the newfangled video slots on the casino floor for the old-school analog games, or to those who just want a little bit of Vegas on their desktop, Lucky Seven by Betsoft is perfect. Lucky Seven is a stellar reproduction of the classic single-row single-payline three-reel slot game, down to the one-armed bandit lever on the side of the machine. The slot has no learning curve so even a new gamer can start playing instantly on the game’s free and paid modes for desktop and mobile devices. Slot players looking for features or any level of sophistication will want to play elsewhere.

Vintage Design

Lucky Seven is best appreciated on a desktop platform, where the slot offers two views. One is a close-up of the reels, the other a full view of the virtual machine. The full view is the best way to enjoy the game’s detailed design from the bottom up.

The bottom of the machine has the exact “This Machine Accepts” sign and dollar bit slot found on every three-reeler in Las Vegas, but it’s just for show here. Above that are the “Bet One”, “Spin Reels” and “Max Bet” illuminated buttons that are both familiar and relevant to gameplay. For the three-coin maximum bet, the player can either click “Bet One” three times and hit “Spin”, or just click “Max Bet”. Above the buttons is where one chooses the coin value, from .02 to .50.

Next up, the three reels and single payline are on the left, while the credits/wins digital fields are on the right. Also included on the machine are a few lines of general information, thus relieving the game of an extra help window. The lever is positioned in its usual spot on the right side of the slot. It can be clicked to spin the reels in lieu of the “Spin Reels” button.

At the top of the machine is a straightforward paytable that even utilizes the same font found on classic slot games.

Simple Symbols

Lucky Seven uses standard slot symbols. Cherries are the most prevalent, pay the most often, but also pay the least. Then there are sets of one, two and three bars. Landing a mix of bar types on the payline still results in a win, but lining up three of the same pays out much better. Lucky Seven’s unique symbol is……the Lucky 7 symbol, which delivers the game’s second highest payout. The big red 7s remain the biggest winner.

Payouts occur when three corresponding symbols align from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel, on the payline. The cherry is the lone exception, paying out when the icon lands anywhere on the line.

Wins and Losses

This slot game has no wild cards nor progressive jackpots. And, as it’s a reproduction of a classic machine, there are no feature games nor free spins. The lone special payout occurs when three red 7s land on the payline during a max bet. If one coin was played in this circumstance, the win is 1000, two coins get 2000. Instead of winning 3000, a three-coin bet delivers 5000.

To counter the lack of big wins, the game has a happy lack of ultra-low payouts. There isn’t a single “win” that pays less than the total bet. In fact, the lowest win pays 2x.

This results in a slot that is neither lucrative nor punishing. The player won’t walk away with a fortune, but neither will one lose one’s shirt. This aspect determines who will enjoy the game. Jackpot hunters won’t like it. Experienced gamers will desire more excitement in contemporary video slots. But casual and risk-averse players will enjoy the mellow, glitz-free experience in every spin of Lucky Seven.

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