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Magic is a funny thing. Although we’ve used the term for hundreds if not thousands of years when talking about “magicians,” nobody can actually do magic. It would really be more apt if magic were called illusion. But still, there are few things that are as ubiquitously enjoyed as magic is. Even if you know there’s a trick behind it, the illusion is still entertaining. In a sense, the magic is in how we find a way to enjoy “magic” tricks we know aren’t magic.

Betsoft knows that magic isn’t truly real, but they made Magic Lines to honor the spirit of magic. It may appear to be a simple 3×3 slot game but it’s definitely got a couple of tricks up its sleeve that will make your head spin.

Features & How to Play

There are a puny 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines in Magic Lines, but don’t let that fool you—this game has some interesting twists. As far as settings go, there isn’t much to worry about with Magic Lines. You have one setting to change the number of active paylines to a number between 1 and 5. Rather tahn setting your exact bet amount, you can choose to use the default bet or double your stake. You can also choose the value of each coin which can be anywhere between 0.02 and 20.00. Although the bets will be a lot larger with the 20.00 denomination, the prizes will also be much larger.

There are just 7 different symbols in this game and they all pay the exact same amount—20 for a match of three. The symbols are the orange, lemon, pear, grapes, strawberry, plum and bell.

When you match 3 symbols on a payline, the arrow meter in the top-right corner of the game will repeatedly light up until it reaches the top and then start over. The objective is to hit the start/stop button at the exact moment the meter has reached the peak where it says “Stop.” If you time it correctly, you’ll get a chance to work the other feature.

There are 9 arrows and the word “Repeater” in a circle. At any given time, 4 (regular stake) or 7 (double stake) of these positions will be lit up. The objective is to stop the lights in a position where the word “Repeater” is lit up. It has sort of Wheel of Fortune mechanics so you won’t be able to stop it precisely. If you stop it in the right spot, you’ll get another spin; if you win, you’ll have anothe shot at stopping on repeater and earning another free spin.


You can try Magic Lines out for free on your computer. Look for a demo version of this game at an online casino or on Google. You don’t even need to sign up for an account unless you’re going to be playing for cash instead of fun.

Unfortunately, Magic Lines isn’t available on smartphones and tablets. Like many popular slot games, it uses a plugin which isn’t supported by mobile web browsers, so you’ll have to have a computer to play this game.


So, does Magic Lines capture the awe and excitement of a real magician or is this a trick that’s better left to the amateurs?

Magic Lines uses the same basic design as Action Wheel and Double Sixteen. There is no music but there are reel sound effects. The design is very crisp but it’s also not incredibly detailed. This game is somewhere just above average in the design department.

As for features, this game is loaded with some pretty cool stuff. Most slot games are purely based on luck, so it’s nice to have some games that rely on skill and timing to some degree. If you’re good at stopping the up arrow meter and get lucky enough to land on repeater a few times in a row, you can win quite a bit without spending much money.

Magic Lines is no David Blaine, but the magic this game has to offer should keep you entertained for a bit.

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