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Good food is important to Italians. It’s a huge part of life. Choosing the right ingredients and creating the perfect dish is of utmost importance. You’ll get to fully enjoy Italian culture and cooking in Mamma Mia! slot game – a 5-reel, 3-row game created by Betsoft Gaming. This food-themed slot game is extremely fun, as it follows the storyline of Chef Salvadore as he prepares his restaurant and kitchen for a visit from a world-renowned food critic.

The introduction clip played at the beginning of this game introduces you to Chef Salvadore, an amazing Italian chef, as he cooks delicious, authentic dishes in his restaurant. Surprisingly, a food critic decides to pay a visit. Join Chef Salvadore as he tries his best to impress the food critic to receive an astounding review. This game is available on desktop only, and is not currently on mobile unfortunately.

Enter the Most Upscale Italian Restaurant Ever

When you decide to play Mamma Mia!, you’ll be taken to Chef Salvadore’s upscale Italian restaurant. You can already tell that the food is going to be delicious with the rustic and beautiful kitchen in the background of the reels. Chef Salvadore stands at the bottom right corner of the screen and prepares all of the dishes right in front of you. You’ll see pots boiling, fresh vegetables and more.

The main symbols in Mamma Mia! include Chef Salvadore, the food critic, the waiter, the Chef’s Special dish, the regular menu, a newspaper featuring Chef Salvadore, wine, a boiling pot and a cutting board with onions on it. Whenever you land a winning combination, these symbols will play out an animation. This really adds to the game. There’s also a wild symbol that will help you land more winning combinations.

The payouts for Mamma Mia! slot machines are really quite decent. 5 Chef Salvadore symbols will pay out 1000 times the line bet, and is the highest paying symbol.

Help the Chef Choose What to Serve in the Critic Bonus Round

What dish should Chef Salvadore prepare in order to wow the food critic?

If you land 3 tasting menu symbols on the board, you’ll get to play this fun bonus round, as Chef Salvadore scrambles around the kitchen to cook a dish that is fit for the gods in hopes of wowing the critic.

When this bonus round is activated, an animation will begin to play. You’ll see Chef Salvadore as he runs around his kitchen deciding what to serve. You’ll then be taken to another screen where you can help the chef choose from one of the 5 following options:

  • The Chef’s Special, which is made with chicken, sausage, arugula, rose and ricotta
  • The Seafood Spaghetti, which contains shrimp, lobster, calamari and scallops with buttered tomato sauce
  • The Crispy Salmon, which is made from seared wasabi, fresh arugula and crispy skin salmon
  • The Panna Cotta, which is made with an orange lemon citrus glaze and fresh whipped cream
  • The Pizza Pie, which contains roasted tomatoes, mozzarella, thinly sliced pepperoni and peppers

Upon choosing a dish, you will then watch as Chef Salvadore prepares the dish and as the waiter hurries out of the kitchen to serve it to the food critic.

After taking a bite, the food critic will review the dish using the following criteria: creativity, presentation, taste and freshness. You will be given a rating out of 5 stars for a total of 20 stars. Each star that you’re awarded with will come with a cash prize that will be added to your total winnings for this bonus round. The main thing to see is whether the critic enjoys the dish or not.

Make Your Own Pizza

Pizza is a symbol of Italian cuisine. It’s popular among diners because you can add your own toppings to the pizza in order to customize it to your preference. You’ll unlock the Pizza Free Spins if you happen to land 3 or more pizza bonus scatter symbols on the board.

When this happens, you’ll use a different reel with different symbols. The symbols are all of toppings that can go on a pizza. They include sausage, mozzarella, tomatoes, anchovies, peppers and olives. You’ll get to enjoy free spins as long as each spin results in a winning combination for a topping. The payouts in this bonus round is quite decent. With a bet of 5 coins on each line that is played, 5 pizza symbols in a row will net you 5,000 credits. While 5 mozzarella symbols in a row will net you 2,500 credits.

You get front row seats as Chef Salvadore prepares the pizza. For each winning combination, Chef Salvadore will add that topping onto your pizza. When you finally land a spin with no win, Chef Salvadore will put your pizza in the oven, and you’ll get your payout.

Look Underneath the Plates for a Cash Prize

You never know what surprise Chef Salvadore has waiting in store for you.

If you land 3 or more food cover symbols on the board, you’ll get to enjoy the Food Cover Click Me! Bonus. All of the food cover symbols on the board will pop up, and you’ll have an opportunity to click on one of these symbols to reveal the cash prize that is sitting on the plate.

Lock Down the Wilds

A new feature in Mamma Mia! is the ability to lock down wilds. You can lock down any wild symbols on the board although you’ll have to pay a higher stake for the spin. The wild symbols can be used to substitute for any other symbol except for the bonus symbols.

Don’t Forget to Tip the Chef!

Watching Chef Salvadore as he prepares his dishes can be quite entertaining. To take a spin on the 30 playable lines on Mamma Mia!, you’ll need to bet anywhere from 1 to 5 coins on each line you play. You’ll then need to assign a value to the coin. Coin values range from 0.02 to 0.50.

Mamma Mia! can be played with both real money and with credits. If you play with real money, simply convert to coin values to $0.02 to $0.50. This means that you can bet as little as $0.02 on each spin if you are only betting the minimum coin value on 1 coin for a single line. High rollers can bet as much as $75.00 for each spin.

Overall Review

It’s hard not to give Mamma Mia! a glowing review when you consider the attention to detail that was put into this slot game. The animations and bonus rounds are a lot of fun to play, and really add to the feel of the game, as you help Chef Salvadore in his kitchen. Mamma Mia! is one of the most entertaining games that Betsoft Gaming has released. All in all, it’s no surprise that Mamma Mia! can easily earn 5 stars in all reviews.

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