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The most straightforward slot in Betsoft’s Supermeter series, Mega Jackpot offers a set of logical secondary reels and a betting system that actually makes sense. The reel spin animation runs smoothly and the quality mock-up of a classic slot machine gains verisimilitude with its rhythmic flashing lights. While the game does not have wild or scatter symbols, it does have a progressive (mega) jackpot that ticks upwards with time rather than spins. Players can test the game out in its free mode or bet real money on desktop and mobile devices.

Mega Reels

Mega Jackpot has two sets of slots, both of which are three-reels by three-rows, and have five paylines. The lower, larger set of reels is the standard game. The upper reels are the secondary Supermeter slot.

For the standard game, credit value can be set between 0.10 and 1.00. Up to 10 credits, two per payline, can be played per spin. Clicking “Max Bet” sets the bet to 10 and spins the reels, while “Spin” starts a single play with whatever bet has been chosen.

If a win occurs on the regular reels, the player has three options: collect the winnings, play the card-guessing game or spin the Supermeter reels. The amount bet on the Supermeter reels depends on one’s winnings. These bets are controlled with the “Bet” button.

Mega Symbols

Wins on both slots occur when three matching symbols appear on a played payline. In increasing value, these symbols are: Cherries, Pears, Grapes, Watermelons, Sevens, Oranges, Bells and Crowns. Three Crowns deliver the Mega Jackpot. This lucrative victory’s payout, which depends on the credit value, is displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Mega Secondary Games

If the player chooses to risk winnings on the Supermeter slot, he or she can choose to bet 20, 40 or 60 credits on each spin. Though the payouts remain the same no matter the bet size, there is theoretical value to betting more. Each Supermeter spin has the potential of a “Nudge” or one reel adjusting to create a winning payline. Nudge don’t occur on every spin, but only when a winning combo is a row or two away. A 20 bet gets one potential nudge, 40 gets two and 60 gets three. Thus the larger the bet, the better the odds are for a win.

Mega Jackpot’s other secondary game offers the player a chance to double a payout by guessing whether a winning card is a diamond or spade. An incorrect guess forfeits the entire payout. The game continues until the player guesses wrong or collects the winnings.

How Mega?

Unlike Jackpot 2000, Mega Jackpot’s secondary reel offers genuine motivation to play and bet more. The higher the Supermeter bet the more wins are created. But do these extra wins pay more?

In 65 test spins with the 20-credit bet, wins occurred 18.5% of the time. The resulting returns were 98.5%.

40 test spins of the 40-credit bet resulted in wins 30% of the time. But the returns were 45%.

With 40 test spins of the 60-credit bet, wins happened 45% of the time. The returns equaled 48.3%.

Lower returns for the bigger bets were due to the nudges rolling up low paying wins. That is why, despite the high winning percentage (30%), the overall return on these 145 spins was only 60.4%

Though 300 standard game test spins produced a measly 7.3% winning percentage, their return was 98%.

Mega Players

With the weaker returns on the Supermeter slot and the all-or-nothing card-guessing game, the wisest approach to Mega Jackpot is to collect every standard win rather than risk it further. Though the regular slot’s win count is low, the ultimate return is much higher than the secondary games’.

Due to the clearer design and gameplay, Mega Jackpot is more highly recommended to new players than the other Betsoft Supermeter slots. Aggressive gamers may enjoy this Supermeter slot as well, but it’s recommended they test it out in free mode first.

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