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Kings were once the de facto rulers of many of the world’s different countries. They lived in a beautiful castle filled with riches and servants, and then they are succeeded by their children when they die. Eventually, the world decided that a monarchy wasn’t the best political system. In fact, as you probably learned in history class, early American settlers left Britain to form the United States to escape the rule of kings and queens.

Even though having a king isn’t ideal, it’s still a fascinating concept. Betsoft’s Mega King slot game is filled with everything you’d expect—treasures, bright colors, and of course, plenty of crowns. But even though this game sounds like it may be straightforward, it’s got a great twist that will keep you coming back for more.

Features & How to Play

With 3 rows, 3 reels and 5 paylines, you wouldn’t think Mega King had much to offer. You’d be wrong. Although the reel sets are small in this game, there are two of them. Once you’ve landed a winning combination on the first set of reels, your win will be transferred up to the second set as your bet. If you don’t want to risk your win on a second spin, you can always collect it using the button at the bottom-left corner of the game. While the largest prize on either set of reels is the same, the mid-level prizes are substantially larger on the second (top) reel.

As for settings, Mega King keeps it super simple. You can change your bet using the bet button at the bottom of the game but your bet can only be 0, 1 or 10. Pressing the max bet button will automatically spin the reels with the maximum bet of 10; it will also hold your bet at 10 for future spins until you decide to change it.

The only other setting you’ve got to worry about (besides the collect button) is the coin value setting. Just above the bet button, you’ll see the words “Choose Coin.” Clicking the number below these words will allow you to change the value of each coin. This will change the size of your bet in relation to your total balance, giving your spins a higher risk but adding the possibility for larger rewards.

Mega King has only six symbols which is very uncommon for slot games. The cherries are the worst, followed by the grapes, the watermelon, the bell, and the treasure chest. The king symbol generally falls somewhere between the bell and treasure chests, although rewards vary for this symbol. With a bet of 10, three kings can win you anywhere from 20 to 400 credits on the first reel.


If you aren’t quite ready to spend your cash playing Mega King, don’t worry—you can try a demo version of this game for free with no hassle at all. You’ll only have to sign up for an account if you’re playing for cash.

One drawback to this game is that it’s not available for mobile devices. If you try to play a demo version of Mega King on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll get an error message. That means you’ll have to use a computer to play Mega King for the time being.


Just because you’re looking for something a bit different in slot games doesn’t mean you’re going to like all quirky slot games. So, does Betsoft’s gamble pay off with Mega King or is the two reel set system a bust?

Mega King is nearly identical in design to Betsoft’s other two reel set slot games. It’s a sleek design where nothing is overdone. There are sound effects but no music which is a bit disappointing.

These Betsoft games with two reel sets are really strong in the gameplay category. Having two reels, especially with all of the different configurations Betsoft offers, changes the pace of the game and gives you different ways to win.

With a simple design and no bonus features, Mega King is a fun, easy slot game. But the two reel sets give it that little something extra that makes for the perfect level of complexity.

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