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Mermaid’s Pearl is part of a series slot machine reproduction-style games by Betsoft. It follows the general structure of Diamond Dreams, but abandons the classic game symbols and takes on a more cartoon-like appearance. It uses low-definition beach and ocean images for its slot symbols, has no special features, but does utilize a wild symbol. The slot has a three-reel three-row, five-payline structure and is available for free or paid gaming on mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

The Old Look

This slot game mimics the classic squat machine design, from the shiny metal surface at the bottom to the wide but short paytable at the top.

Three illuminated gameplay buttons are positioned below the reels. “Spin” starts a single play. “Bet One” enters one credit into the bet. “Bet Max” is a shortcut button, betting the maximum five credits and spinning the reels with a single click.

To the left of the centered reels are the digital fields where the credits are recorded for the bet, balance and win. Beneath that is the coin value selection, from .02 to .50. This results in a total bet range from .10 to 2.50.

Above the reels is a pastel-colored paytable detailing all possible wins. An illustration of the title mermaid sits to the right of the paytable.

The illustrations are less refined than those of Betsoft’s other slot machine mock-ups and the reel designs don’t even attempt to look realistic. Despite these design problems, the slot itself will look very familiar to anyone who has dropped a few bucks into a classic slot machine in Las Vegas.

Seaside Symbols

Mermaid’s Pearl uses sea-themed symbols in all cases except one. That the Mermaid herself wasn’t included instead of that one seems strange. The symbols and their payouts are as follows:

  • Fish-Starfish-Palm: 3 credits
  • Single pink bar: three = 5 credits
  • Double pink bar: three = 10 credits
  • Triple pink bar: three = 20 credits
  • Palm tree: three = 25 credits
  • Starfish: three = 50 credits
  • Orange fish: three = 100 credits
  • Pearl: three = 750 credits (+250 bonus on a max bet)

Features and Strategies

The pearl symbol also serves as the slot’s wild card, substituting for any symbol on a played playline. This same pearl provides the game’s lone bonus for a maximum bet, as noted in the symbol payouts above.

Single payline games have higher individual payouts than multiple-payline games. On the flip side, multiple-payline games offer more chances at wins when more paylines are played. And because Mermaid’s Pearl doesn’t have a progressive jackpot to offset, its payouts haven’t been lowered further.

To put it another way, the payouts listed above occur whether the player has bet on five lines or one, as long as he or she has bet on the winning line. Thus the player has to decide if playing more credits is worth the risk, especially with only one bonus payout.

Out to Sea

With the odd design choices and lackluster overall appearance, Mermaid’s Pearl falls short of Betsoft’s other slot machine recreations like Lucky 7, Triple Crown, Progressive Diamond Jackpot and Diamond Dreams.

Still, it’s an easy slot to learn. It should appeal most to casual players, as it is especially mindless and delivers a good quantity of payouts. Mermaid’s Pearl is not destined to appeal to experienced and critical slot gamers looking for great graphics, feature games or interesting gameplay.

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