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Before all of today’s advanced technology and forward thinking, there was a time some people like to call “the good old days.” There may not have been computers and internet, but the outside world was full of other children looking to take advantage of a hot summer day. Burgers were more delicious and cokes were only 5 cents. But these days are long gone now, and we’ll likely never see a world like that again.

If the last sentence of that first paragraph has you down, Betsoft has the medicine. Their Old Timer slot machine game uses two reel sets like some of their other games, but the game has a quaint feel to it. Play on an authentic early-19th century slot machine to win some “reel” big prizes.

Features & How to Play

Old Timer slots only has 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines, but it has two separate sets of reels which makes all the difference. The bet you place is used to spin the first set of reels. You can see the potential prizes to the right of the reels. Once you’ve landed a prize on the first reel, it’s used as your bet for the second reel. Depending on how many credits you won on the first reel—20, 40 or 60—you’ll get one, two or three nudges, respectively. Nudges allow the reels to move one space in order to create one or more winning combinations. If there is no way to nudge the reels into a winning combination, the reels will stay still—even if you have nudges. The second reel contains many of the same prizes as the first reel, but the grand prize is a whopping 300 to 6,000 credits.

If you don’t want to spin the second reel and risk losing your original prize, you can always click “Collect” in the bottom-left corner of the game to collect your current winnings. You can also do this at any point while you’re spinning the second set of reels.

This game couldn’t be any simpler when it comes to settings and buttons. You can use the bet button to set your bet to one of two numbers: 1 or 10. The max bet button will automatically set your bet to 10 and spin the reels. After the spin, your bet will remain at 10 until you change it. There is also a choose coin feature in this game. Clicking the number next to the words “Choose Coin” will let you change the value of each game credit to a number as low as 0.02 or as high as 1.00.


Although you may have trouble finding a working link, you can definitely find a demo version of Old Timer to try for free. Look for this game on Google or at popular online casinos. If you get an error message at one website, try a link from another until you find one that actually works.

You can play this game for cash at many websites once you’ve created an account.

As is the case with just about every Betsoft slot game with two reel sets, Old Timer can’t be played on your smartphone or tablet. Instead, you’ll have to stick to playing this game on your computer.


Old Timer may have the look of a vintage slot machine from the good old days, but did Betsoft do a good job of resurrecting this nostalgic slots experience? In most ways, yes.

Betsoft Gaming has a pretty good eye for design, but most of their slot games with two sets of reels look mostly the same. Luckily, Old Timer has a slightly different look inspired by 1950s slot machines. The lack of music (but not reel sound effects) is fine considering the time period.

As for the gameplay, Old Timer offers a great traditional slot game experience with some extras. If you’re getting bored of repetition in slot games, you’ll love Betsoft’s two reel set games.

Whether you want something to take you back to the good old days or just something different, Old Timer has something special to offer you.

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