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Out of This World, by Betsoft Slots & Casinos, offers a simple but spare gameplay experience. It adheres to a cartoony alien and UFO theme, as the player aims to get the extraterrestrial and flying saucer symbols for the best payouts. Its look and gameplay mirror that of Betsoft’s Jackpot Jamba and has similar types of wins. But Out of This World is light on special features, while also drawing attention to the shortfalls of its design. This slot is available in free and paid modes on desktop and mobile devices.

Spacey Setup

The five-reel three-row slot has nine paylines and a max bet of five per line. Those lines and bet increments, as well as the coin value, can be set using the colorful buttons at the bottom of the screen. A “Spin” button starts individual plays.

The “View Pays” button in the upper right corner leads to a list of paylines, but doesn’t explain how the slot’s unique payouts actually work. Out of This World has neither an Auto Play button, nor an options button to customize gameplay.

Interstellar Icons

The slot’s lowest paying, and most frequent, symbol is the Ringed Planet. Next come a series of playing card values from 10 to Ace, each more valuable than the next. The Green Alien pays out the second highest wins, while the Purple Alien pays out best. Why the game’s antagonist gets the most lucrative symbol is unknown, especially since the Green Alien is the player’s ally throughout the slot experience.

Three or more consecutive matching symbols on a payline are required for a win. But, like Jackpot Jamba, these matching symbols aren’t required to start from the leftmost or rightmost reel. They can appear anywhere on the payline as long as they’re consecutive. The two alien symbols are the exception to this rule, requiring only two adjacent symbols for a payout.

Nearly Featureless

Where Out of This World falls far short of Jackpot Jamba is in its features. Out of This World has no wilds nor scatter symbols. It has no progressive jackpot, nor bonus for a maximum bet. There is one bonus round, but it’s rarer and lower paying than Jamba’s.

A single flying saucer symbol appears on the fifth reel of random spins. Once three of them have been collected, a click-me bonus game begins. Six flying saucers float in space, five of which have paying Green Aliens, while one has the Purple Alien. As long as a clicked UFO reveals Mr. Green, the player can keep clicking. Revealing Mr. Purple ends the game. There are no additional bonuses for selecting five Greens in a row.

Spaced Out

Out of This World has no background music and limited sound effects. Green Alien pops into view at the end of every spin, with the same visual and audio effect no matter the spin result. It may be cute the first and second time, but gets annoying by the third spin. By the tenth spin it starts calling attention to the shortfalls in the game’s production. There are no game options to set, which is unfortunate because a mute switch or Make Green Alien Stop button would have been appreciated.

Though the slot’s spins result in many payouts, “wins” higher than the bet are scarce. (Out of the 200+ test spins run for this review, 89% resulted in losses.) Unlike Jackpot Jamba, Out of This World does not offset this issue with plentiful bonuses. Jamba’s feature game occurs more frequently, being won on a single spin. This slot’s bonus game requires many random spin results. The feature also pays out less than most of the regular game’s symbol combinations.

The half-baked design and lack of features will turn off frequent slot players. New and casual gamers won’t mind as much thanks to the easy gameplay, but there are many other slot options (including Jackpot Jamba) that offer a more complete experience.

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