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For those of us who have fuzzy Vegas memories of plopping down in front of a squat slot machine, placing our beverage in the cup holder and feeding a twenty-spot into the hungry flat receptacle, Betsoft has produced Progressive Diamond Jackpot. The game is closely related to Betsoft’s Lucky 7 and Triple Crown slots, though with a little less visual detail. Still, it’s easy to learn and follow as it has the same feel of an analog slot machine, with familiar symbols, sounds and payouts. This casual slot game is available for paid and free gaming on desktop platforms.

Classic Action

Betsoft has reproduced the classic squat slot machine look here. There’s the coin feed, and the usual “Bet One”, “Spin” and “Bet Max” buttons sitting on a reflective polished metal surface. Credits, bets and payouts are displayed on red digital tickers, on the left. Underneath these sits the coin value selection, where the player can choose between .02 and 1.00. Bets of one, two or three coins are playable on every spin.

The classic three-reel single payline setup is positioned in the middle. Above that is the game’s lone feature, the progressive jackpot. The potential big win has its own red digital layout and is adjusted per the set coin value. It ticks up gradually with each spin of the reels.

At the top of the screen is the simple paytable, showing each combination’s wins for one, two and three coin plays. After a win, the corresponding pink paytable line turns purple.

Slot Symbols

Progressive Diamond Jackpot includes some of the most recognizable vintage slot symbols. They, and their payouts, are:

  • Cherries: one = 2x bet, two = 4x, three = 10x
  • Bars: any three = 4x bet
  • Single bar: three = 10x bet
  • Double bar: three = 25x bet
  • Triple bar: three = 50x bet
  • Red seven: three = 250x bet
  • Diamond: three = 1000x bet, except for jackpot on max bet

Wins occur when three matching symbols align from left to right on the payline, with the cherries and bars being the exceptions. Payouts increase proportionately with the bet size, with the diamonds being the lone special case.


Single payline slots tend to have fewer wins, but higher payouts than multiple-payline slots. But progressive slots tend to have lower payouts than non-progressives to offset the large jackpot. The good news is that none of Progessive Diamond Jackpot’s payouts are less than the bet itself, so every “win” is really a win.

Meanwhile, the only way to win the jackpot is by betting the maximum number of coins, which is three in this case. This slot’s progressive jackpot isn’t terribly impressive, providing only a few dollars worth of a bonus over the regular triple diamond payout. Even after hundreds of spins, the jackpot’s bonus remains minimal.

Casual Gaming

Other than the progressive, Progressive Diamond Jackpot has no wilds, scatters, free spins nor feature games. And because it’s a reproduction of an analog machine, there are no autospins, turbo modes or anything else to speed up gameplay.

This all may prove maddening to gamers used to the flashy fast play of modern video slots. The unimpressive progressive jackpot may not win over any seasoned players either.

But occasional slot players looking for a mellow gaming experience, with no learning curve and a very familiar look, should enjoy bringing a bit of Vegas home with a few spins on Progressive Diamond Jackpot.

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