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You may find this hard to believe considering the seemingly daily bouts of violence that plague America and the rest of the world, but there was a time when the world world was even more violent. Before CSI tactics were used for nearly every crime, criminals could run entire cities or even countries. As long as they paid off the lawmen and some of the civilians, they had enough people on their side to do as they will.

We’re not saying this was an ideal time, but it was certainly interesting. Now’s your chance to get a taste of the murderous Wild West with Reel Outlaws, an outlaw-inspired 5×3 slot game from Betsoft Slots & Casino that’s got a great balance of simplicity and fun features.

Features & How to Play

Reel Outlaws has 5 reels, 3 rows and 9 paylines. You can turn the paylines on and off with the select lines feature at the bottom-left corner of the game. As is usually the case with Betsoft games, your bet per line can be anywhere between 1 and 5. The choose coin button in the bottom-right corner allows you to choose the value of each coin—it can be anywhere between 0.02 and 0.50. There is a max bet button for your convenience but no autoplay feature; you’ll have to spin the reels manually every time.

There are 10 symbols in Reel Outlaws without counting the bonus and scatter symbols. From lowest to highest value, the symbols are the 7, the cacti, the liquor, the hat, the boots, the gun, the badge, the wanted posters, the animal skull, and the wild. The wild pays out a maximum of 2,000x your bet per line for a total of 10,000 on a max bet. Other than that, the highest-paying symbol is the animal skull which is worth 1,000x your bet per line.

Landing 3 or more bonus symbols on an active payline triggers the bonus game. In this game, you’ll see six bottles of whiskey placed along a shelf. Choose which bottle you want to shoot at first to reveal a prize. If you choose right, you can win huge prizes and shoot all 6 bottles. If you choose wrong, you could end up collecting a tiny prize on the first shot. The game continues until a bottle reveals the word “Collect.”

Scatter symbols can provide some pretty nice rewards in this game, too. If you’re lucky enough to land 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll win 500x your total bet for a total of 22,500—the biggest regular symbol win in the game.


Just like most of the slot games by Betsoft, Reel Outlaws has a demo version available online for people who want to try the game out for free. If and when you’re ready to play the game for real money, you can sign up for an account with an online casino that offers it.

Unfortunately, many of Betsoft’s slot games seem to use plugins that aren’t compatible with mobile devices. Just like many of the others, Reel Outlaws can’t be played on smartphones and tablets. This one is only for those of you with an actual computer.


Stepping back into the Wild West for some gunslingin’ action is always a fun time, but did Betsoft hit the target with Reel Outlaws or did they whiff their shot?

This game has an interesting mix between simple and detailed as far as the design goes. The background visuals are detailed while parts of the interface and the symbols are much more basic. There is some light ambient noise while the reels aren’t spinning and sound effects while they are.

As for features, there isn’t a ton packed into this game, but that’s part of its charm. You’ll be able to get some pretty nice payline and scatter wins in Reel Outlaws, and you even have a shot at winning big in the bonus game.

Reel Outlaws isn’t likely to catapult to the top of your slot game list, but if you give it a try it just may find its way into your rotation of games.

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