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Royal Reels slot feels like it’s unfinished, as if it’s still a beta version of a better Betsoft game. It’s missing important gameplay buttons, while also having duplicate ones. There are bonus games, but they so lack creativity that they seem like placeholders.

The symbols, music and reels adhere to the royal theme. The animation is simple but sturdy. Learning to play the game is easy, and payouts are basic. Thus casual players may enjoy the slot while experienced gamers will avoid its free and paid modes on desktop and mobile devices.

Flawed Structure

Royal Reels is a five-reel three-row slot with 30 paylines. Its visual aesthetic features red and gold. Bombastic brass music abruptly starts and ends with every spin. There’s a single sound for every button push, and there are minimal sound effects for wins.

The design issues continue with the playing field. The “Choose Coin”, “Select Lines” and “Bet Per Line” fields are all adjustable. But to the right of these fields are two spin buttons (“Play 150 Spin” and “Max Bet Spin”) which do the same exact thing and limit gameplay. Meanwhile there is no regular Spin button, which means the player must play the maximum bet and playlines. There’s also no automatic spin option, a button common to current video slots.

There is a “View Pays” button which leads to the payline screen. A “Sound On/Off” button is also available.

Royal Symbols

One interesting aspect to Royal Reels is that it flips the usual slot symbol values on their heads. Usually, playing card values are the lowest paying symbols. But here, as this game focuses on royalty, these card values are worth the most.

10 through Ace have the highest payouts, increasing with the value of the card. Cherries pay less than the 10. Plums pay the least.

Payouts occur when three or more consecutive symbols appear in a row, left to right, starting from the first reel, on a bet payline. The lone exception is the plum symbol, which requires four. This is an odd choice as the plum pays out so poorly overall, one wonders why the producers didn’t give it a three-symbol payout or just ditch it altogether.

A diamond represents the game’s wild symbol, standing in for all non-bonus symbols. Though landing five diamonds on a payline turns out a great win, the designers skimped on giving this icon a payout for three and four symbols.


Royal Reels slot has a pair of bonus symbols that lead to their own feature games. These are not scatters, but instead function like the other symbols, requiring three or more consecutive appearances from left to right starting from the leftmost reel.

Three or more gemstones trigger the Click Me On-Reel feature. All other symbols fade out and the player literally just clicks one of the gemstones to collect a payout. There doesn’t seem to be any additional bonus to getting four or five gemstone symbols.

The Bonus Round begins when three or more crowns align on a payline. In this feature, the player is taken to a screen with a series of crowns. Again, all player does is click one of the crowns for a payout. Getting four or five crowns doesn’t appear to provide anything extra. Getting three or more crowns on multiple paylines also doesn’t add to or change the bonus.

Beta Experience

The issues with the feature games aren’t fatal, as they seem to suffer from a lack of imagination. The payout quirks with the plums and diamonds just seem like odd choices. But the choppy music and lack of sound effects distract from the gaming experience. Meanwhile, the missing and duplicate spin buttons handcuff gameplay altogether.

If a new player has the patience to navigate these hiccups and doesn’t mind being forced to play Royal Reels one way, then perhaps he or she will enjoy the easy gaming. But hundreds of better slot options are available online, so it’s recommended that one avoids this royal pain.

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