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Sugar Pop is a candy lover’s dream! The cotton candy clouds, gumdrops, caramel chews, chocolate and other sweets will remind you of Candy Crush and satisfy your sweet tooth. Sugar Pop is set on cotton candy clouds, and features a beautiful light blue and light pink color scheme. Everything is just so cute!

This slot game features multiple bonus rounds and features, and is created by Betsoft Gaming. You can play this game both for free or with actual money on any desktop or mobile device. It’s not your traditional slot game, as it features a unique gameplay that will keep you entertained and enticed.

Make Matches with Each Spin to Level Up

Unlike other slot games, Sugar Pop has a unique gameplay and design with its 5 reels and 5 rows. After every spin, you’ll win a prize as long as you’re able to get several of the same symbols grouped together. You need at least 3 symbols in a group to win an award, which is simply the value of each symbol multiplied with the amount of symbols present. The winning combinations will pop and additional symbols will fall down the reel. This means that you can continue to win on a single spin as long as you keep generating wins.

With each win, you’ll fill up a meter located at the right side of the reel. When the meter is filled up, you’ll level up. Every time that you level up, you will unlock more and more bonus features. There are only 7 symbols in this game: a red candy, a blue candy, a green candy, a yellow candy, an orange candy, a pink candy and a purple candy.

Clear Bonus Patterns for Additional Points

To the left hand side of your reel, you’ll see a little bubble with a bonus pattern on it. This pattern will correspond to the pattern that you want to clear on the board. Every time that you successfully clear a bonus pattern, additional credits will be added onto the meter, so you can level up even faster. You can add up to 600 bonus credits to the meter depending on what level you are.

Get Special Candies for Additional Bonuses

On top of the regular candies, you can also find special candies that will award you with unique bonus features. You’ll unlock 3 special candies even if you’re just on level 1. They include:

  • The Super Color Candy, which will form whenever you win a combo with 4 of the same symbols. If the Super Color Candy is matched with any other symbol, it will increase your winnings by 2.
  • The Color Bomb, which forms when 5 or more of the same candies are present. If this symbol combines with a matching symbol, all symbols of the matching color that is on the board will be cleared.
  • The Lollipop, which appears at random. When the Lollipop symbol appears, new symbols will be swirled onto the board, and you’ll have another chance at landing a winning spin.

As you level up, you’ll also unlock more special features. They include:

  • The Caramel Chew, which is available from level 2 and onwards. This symbol will take a random path on the board and crush any symbol that is in its way to make way for new ones.
  • The White Chocolate, which is available from level 4 and onwards. This symbol will shoot almonds, which will cause the symbols that they land on to explode.
  • The Gumdrop, which appears from level 6 and up. This symbol will suck up surrounding candies and symbols before exploding.
  • The Jawbreaker, which appears from level 8 and up. This symbol will launch off the reels and crush nearby candies.
  • The Candy Cane, which is available from level 10 and up. This symbol explodes all candies that are in the same row and reel for further wins.
  • The Jellybeans, which is available from level 12 and up. One of 3 of these symbols will shoot out to land on a target and create exploding sweet wins.
  • The Chocolate, which is available from level 15 and up. A 3 by 3 box will surround this symbol and pop.
  • The Cotton Candy, which is available from level 20 and up. The cotton candy will act as a tornado and sweet up a ton of wins for you.
  • The Peanut Butter Cup, which is available from level 21 and up. This symbol will swirl all candies into new positions if no wins appear on the board.

Make a Bet to Take a Spin in This Candy Wonderland

Instead of betting on lines, you can bet a set rate of 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 coins. Once you’ve decided on the amount of coins to bet, you’ll have to assign a coin value to each coin. Coin values fall between 0.02 to 0.50 or $0.02 to $0.50. Conservative betters can bet as little as $1.00 on each spin while high rollers can go all out and bet $25 on each spin.

If you bet 50 credits or $0.50 on a spin, you will get 20 credits or $0.20 for each red candy combination that you land.

Overall Experience

Once you enter candyland, you’re never going to want to leave. The unique gameplay, as well as the numerous bonus rounds and features, will get you hooked and craving for more sweets. It’s a lot of fun to level up in this slot game. The higher level that you are, the easier it will be to land a high paying winning spin and walk away with a relatively large jackpot.

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