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Are you sick of working in a cubicle as more and more paperwork piles up on your desk? Are you feeling dreary staring at the same plain, white walls? Add some spice in your life by taking a trip of a lifetime to Miami where you can take off that uncomfortable suit and put on a tacky tourist outfit as you enjoy the warm sun and the beach sand under your toes.

The Tipsy Tourist slot game is set on a beach on a warm, sunny day. You’ll see the ocean, the beach, beach chairs, palm trees and surfboards in the background of the reel. This slot game was designed by Betsoft Gaming and is quite popular among slot game players as it whisks them away from their boring office jobs to a beautiful vacation destination. The Tipsy Tourist can be played on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

The Trip of a Lifetime

Take a trip of a lifetime on this 5-reel, 3-row slot game. There are 1 to 20 playable lines, which is quite decent for a slot game. You can play with both real money and with game credits. You can bet a maximum of 5 coins per line, and each coin can have a coin value between 0.02 and 1.00. If you’re betting with real money, you can bet 5 coins with a coin value of $1.00 on all 20 lines for a total cost of $100.00 per spin. Since you’re on vacation, don’t hesitate to splurge.

There aren’t too many symbols in this game. The symbols include the main character, who is just your average working man, a beautiful blonde bombshell, plane tickets, seashells, a wild symbol, and 5 low value playing card symbols. The payout for this game is quite decent. If you bet 100 coins on each spin, you can win 1,750 coins if the main character appears on an active payline 5 times.

Get Some Exercise on the Beach with a Beach Ball

It’s nice to finally be able to run around and get some exercise while you breathe in fresh air from the sea. Inflate a beach ball and you could potentially win 8 free spins if 3 or more beach balls appear on the board. You can win additional free spins if more beach balls happen to show up. Theoretically, you could get an infinite amount of free spins from this bonus round. Unfortunately, the beach ball symbol doesn’t come with a scatter payout.

During the free spins, any wild symbols that you get will cling onto their position on the reels. They’ll remain there until the end of this bonus round.

Unwind and Relax in the Bonus Round

A vacation won’t be complete without any alcohol or drinking games. Find 3 red cup symbols on reels 1, 2 and 3 to activate the Drinking Bonus Round. This takes you to a separate screen where you meet up with the main character of the game for a drinking contest.

In this bonus round, you will be asked to guess which face a coin will land on when it is flipped. You have two options to choose from: the tree or the cup. Both you and the main character have 3 red cups in front of you. If you make a correct guess, you earn a cash prize and the main character will need to drink. If you make an incorrect guess, you won’t win anything and you’ll need to drink one of the cups. The game ends when either side chugs all 3 drinks.

Get More From Your Vacation with the Double Up Feature

Betsoft Gaming offers a double up feature in many of their free slot games. The Tipsy Tourist is no exception.

After every winning spin, you’ll be given the option to gamble your winnings for a chance of doubling it. If you decide to go for it, a popup will appear on your screen. You’ll be asked to guess the color of a mystery playing card. If you make a correct guess, your winnings double. If you make an incorrect guess, the game ends. You can continue to guess again and again to further multiply your winnings.

You’ll find this bonus feature in other games like Under the Bed.

Overall Verdict

If you’re sick of being cooped up at work, it’s time to take a vacation of a lifetime. Lounge underneath the palm trees and engage in beach activities in The Tipsy Tourist. This slot game is perfect for players who are looking to relieve stress.

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