Triple Crown Online Slot Review

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Not every slot player desires introductory movie sequences, half naked animated hostesses nor the promise of dramatic bonus games that never occur. Some of us got our start on the one-armed bandits of Las Vegas. The bets were simple, the payouts were straightforward and there was no need to play 50 lines at a time. For the gamers who miss this classic gameplay, Betsoft has produced Triple Crown. An impressive reproduction of a vintage analog slot machine, Triple Crown delivers the simplest gameplay imaginable for the less demanding of players. This classic game can be played in paid or free modes on desktop and mobile devices.

A Familiar Bandit

Triple Crown mimics classic slot machine features even in aspects that aren’t required for gameplay. The coin and dollar bill receivers are identical to those seen in casinos everywhere. The spin lever is affixed to the right side of the machine and can be pulled for single plays. Illuminated “Bet Max”, “Bet One” and “Spin Reels” buttons are positioned perfectly. Familiar red digital fields sit to the right of the three reels, which are designed to look like round ones found on the actual machines. There’s a slot for a fictional gamer’s card. And the paytable uses the same structure and font as the vintage machines.

This slot offers two views, wide and full, for desktop platforms. Full provides a close-up of the reels, while the wide view offersw the best look at the game’s design.

Giving it a Spin

The slot has a single payline, upon which one to three credits can be bet. The value of the individual coin can be set between .02 and 1.00. Wins are shown in the “Winner Paid” field as well as on a blinking portion of the paytable.

The “Triple Crown” of the title is a mystery, though. This slot’s symbols are mostly of the sort found on other physical slot machines, save for two Indian icons. Though India’s schools can receive a “Triple Crown” accreditation, and the nation also has its own Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, neither of these subjects are represented in the game’s symbols.

Triple Crown slot’s symbols and payouts are:

  1. Magic Lantern – one pays 2x total bet, two pays 4x, three pays 10x
  2. Bars – combination of any three pays 4x total bet
  3. Single bar – three pays 10x total bet
  4. Double bar – three pays 25x total bet
  5. Triple bar – three pays 50x total bet
  6. Taj Mahal – three pays 250x total bet
  7. Triple Crown – three pays 1000x total bet, except during max bet when it pays 5000 instead of 3000.

The main motivation to bet the max is for the Triple Crown payout as noted above. Otherwise the wins increase proportionately with the bet size.

Up and Downs

Because Triple Crown was designed to replicate a certain type of slot machine, there are no free spins, feature games, scatters nor wild cards. The game also does not have a progressive jackpot, though many analog machines do. It also has no Autoplay nor Turbo options, so there’s no way to speed up the gameplay. The deliberate pacing of the slot and the absolute lack of features may drive contemporary gamers crazy.

On the other hand, thriftier players who miss the old games will enjoy playing Triple Crown at home. Every payout is greater than the total bet, and no more than three credits are risked at a time. It’s a piece of casual quiet gaming, something rare among today’s slots.

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