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You’d best get to steppin’ ‘cause Johnny Law’s a-comin’! In the Wild West, there is no more bitter rivalry than that of the sheriff and the bad guys. And it makes sense, too. This was a time when the sheriff was the only thing standing between law-abiding citizens and heinous crimes. There were no forensics—crimes were solved based on haphazard recountings from people who may or may not have witnessed the crime.

For a true cowboy experience, give True Sheriff a try. This Wild West slot game from Betsoft follows a sheriff as he attempts to keep a small town safe. There are plenty of extra features in addition to regular old payline wins. Just watch out for the thieves and crooks because they don’t take too kindly to law officers.

Features & How to Play

True Sheriff has 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 paylines. You can change the number of paylines that are active—mostly in increments of two—using the paylines setting at the bottom-left corner of the game. Instead of having separate credit value and bet settings, True Sheriff mixes the two into one slider. As you raise your bet, the value of each credit is also raised. As is often the case, there are autoplay and max bet buttons for your convenience.

The Double Up feature allows you to take your winnings from the previous spin and bet them double or nothing in a game. It’s a simple game—all you have to do is choose whether the next card will be red or black. If you choose correctly, your prize from the last spin will be doubled. If you choose the wrong one, the prize is gone.

All of the symbols pay an amount that’s multiplied by your bet per line when you match 3 or more of a kind on a payline. The lowest symbol is the 10, followed by the J, Q, K, A, woman, old man, outlaw, and sheriff. The largest prize you can win from these symbols is 1,200x your bet per line for a maximum prize of 6,000 credits.

When the gun symbol lands on the center reel, it will shoot up to five other symbols and turn them into wilds. A free re-spin will also be triggered.

If the gun symbol lands dead center between the sheriff and outlaw on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd payline, the bonus round will start. In this game, you get to choose between heads or tails to determine the winner of a showdown. Each win takes you closer to a huge prize but reduces your chances of winning.

Landing three or more sheriff’s badge symbols on consecutive reels will give you up to 15 free spins and a scatter payout. 3 symbols get you 10 spins, 4 symbols get you 12 spins, and 5 symbols get you 15 spins.


You can try True Sheriff for free online without even having to create an account. Just look for this game at an online casino and give it a spin. You will need to register to play for cash.

You can even play True Sheriff on mobile devices thanks to Betsoft. Many of the available demo versions of the game will also work on your smartphone or tablet.


Not only is True Sheriff a beautifully designed slot game, it’s packed with enough features to rope you in. If you’re looking for a fun, interactive slot game that feels fresh, this is a good choice.

Between the sensible Wild West design and the lonely, spacious background sound effects, this game looks and feels exactly as it should.

The features are what really set True Sheriff apart. Not only do you get a bonus feature and a free spins feature, you also get the Wild Guns feature. This is a great way to spice the game up a bit and ensure you aren’t spending all your time spinning the reels.

There really isn’t anything negative to say about True Sheriff. Between the great design and the plethora of awesome features, this is truly one of the better slot games out there.

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