Under the Bed Slot Machine

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Have you ever wondered what monsters lurk underneath your bed? Have you been fascinated by movies like Monster Inc.?

Join Jesse and Jane, two siblings, as they come face-to-face with 4 different types of monsters as they prepare for bedtime. The slot game by Betsoft Gaming takes you into their bedroom where you’ll have to gather up your courage with them to see what might be lurking underneath the bed. To complement the eerie theme of the game, you’ll hear mysterious cartoon music playing in the background.

Will you be able to successfully fend off the monsters? Or, are you going to get scared?

Enter the Bedroom

To help Jesse and Jane out, you’ll be taken to their bedroom where you have the chance of taking a spin on Under the Bed. This 5-reel, 3-row, 25-payline slot game offers only 9 symbols. The main symbols are of Jesse and Jane separately. There’s also a symbol for their parents, 4 different types of monsters, a lamp and a window.

The betting system is once again divided into two parts. This is quite common in Betsoft Gaming slot games. You first decide the amount of coins that you would like to bet on each line. This can vary from 1 to 5 coins. Then, you need to decide the coin value that you’re most comfortable with. This can range anywhere from 0.02 to 0.50. Under the Bed can be played both with real money and with game credits. If you’re betting with real money, you could spend as much as $75.00 on each spin.

Fend Off Monsters in the Spooky Second Screen Bonus

Meet all of the monsters that hide underneath Jesse and Jane’s bed in the Spooky Second Screen Bonus. This bonus round takes you to a separate screen, and is unlocked when you land 3 or more bed bonus symbols on the board.

In this bonus round, you’ll see Jesse and Jane huddled up together on the bed. 5 mystery playing cards will appear on the screen, and you’ll be given the opportunity to flip each one over until you flip over a card with the ‘Collect’ symbol. Each of the four other cards will flip over to reveal a monster. This monster will appear on the bed and give Jesse and Jane quite a good scare. Luckily for you, each monster will give you an instant cash prize in return as you help Jesse and Jane fend them off.

Meet the Monsters and Get Long-Lasting Wild Symbols

As mentioned above, there are 4 monster symbols in this game. Each monster symbol can come with a highlighted rim. Whenever rimmed monster symbols appear, they will flip over and become a wild symbol. They’ll also reveal a random number. This number indicated the amount of spins that the wild symbol will appear on the reel for. You can get more than one long-lasting wild symbol on your board at any given time.

Venture Into the Monster’s World for Free Spins

Other than being scared of what might be hiding underneath the bed, Jesse and Jane are also afraid of what lurks inside the closet. If you find a mysterious closet door symbol in the 2nd row of the 3rd reel, you’ll unlock the Monster World Free Spin Bonus, which will give you 12 free spins.

Double Up Your Winnings

After every winning spin, with the exception of winning spins that come from the Free Spin Bonus and during the long-lasting wild symbol bonuses, you’ll get an option to double up your winnings by gambling them.

If you choose to gamble your winnings, you’ll be taken to a separate screen where you’ll see a monster playing with 3 six-sided dices. You’ll be asked to guess whether the roll will result in an odd or even number. If you guess correctly, your winnings will double. You can continue to double your winnings for a significant payout. Don’t get too greedy though because you’ll lose it all if you make an incorrect guess.

Overall Verdict

The animations in Under the Bed are goofy and fun. This makes this slot game very enjoyable and entertaining. If you’re interested in taking a spin on Under the Bed, you’ll be happy to find out that this game is available on both desktop and mobile devices. Overall, Under the Bed is a worthwhile slot game to play. It’s suitable for all players, and the bonus rounds are well-designed. Find out what’s lurking under the bed today!

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