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Vegas Joker, by Betsoft, is a less confusing, more profitable game than its sibling slot Jackpot 2000, but still offers an aggressively unprofitable secondary game. On the surface, the Supermeter appears to pay better than the regular spins, but that gets disproved quickly. Players are still encouraged to collect their regular spin wins instead of giving the Supermeter spins a go, and luckily the game controls make that slightly easier. Vegas Joker is available for free and paid gaming on desktop and mobile devices.

Double Slots

Vegas Joker has two sets of three-reel three-row slots, one for the regular game and one for the secondary game.

The regular reels are located on the screen’s lower half. There are five paylines upon which 10 credits may be bet. To the right of these reels is a paytable. Beneath the slot are the gaming buttons. “Bet” can be set only to 1 or 10. “Spin” starts a single play with the set bet. “Max Bet” raises the stakes to 10 before spinning. In the far lower left lives the valuable “Collect” button that sends winnings to the player’s balance.

At the top of the game screen is the Supermeter field and the second set of reels. On either side of these smaller reels is the secondary paytable.

Familiar Symbols

To win, a player needs three matching symbols along a payline. The basic game uses only six symbols for this: Cherries, Single Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar, Seven and Joker.

Here on the regular slot, the Seven pays best while the Joker of the game’s title pays out a broad range pending the game’s decision.

The Supermeter slot’s payouts are more generous, due to the required minimum 20 credit bet. There are additional symbols of Horseshoes, Bells and Diamonds, but the Joker pays best here. This secondary game also tries to lure gamblers into betting 100-200 credits for one or two extra ways to win while not increasing the other payouts.

Not So Supermeter

After every win in the basic game, the player has two choices. Collect the winnings or risk it on the Supermeter game. Clicking “Collect” completes the first option. The other three buttons start the second option.

Because Vegas Joker provides no explanation of how this game works, the player must be cautious about those buttons. This minimum bet is 20, but the bet is defaulted to the highest amount possible: 40, 100 or 200. Clicking “Bet” lets the player choose the stakes, while “Max Bet” and “Spin” both use the largest amount available. The player may collect the winnings at any point before a spin.

Despite the game properly increasing the potential payouts for the 20 and 40-credit bets, the results are not more lucrative than those of the regular reels.

On 300 test spins of the regular reels, wins occurred 19% of the time. On 117 test spins of the Supermeter reels, wins occurred 8.5% of the time on bets at least double that of the regular spins. That difference resulted in 2140 fewer credits the test player would have had had he always collected his regular wins and skipped the Supermeter. The slot’s 77% return would have been 99% instead.

Another disincentive to play higher stakes is the fact that the highest payout, 2000, can be won on either reel, on bets of 10, 20, 40, 100 or 200.

The Reel Joker

Though the Supermeter game is not a sucker bet, its drawbacks far outweigh its positives. The regular reels pay well, with every win equaling at least twice the bet. Thus, as with Jackpot 2000, one is recommended to collect every regular game win rather than risking it.

Due to these factors, the player is encouraged to test Vegas Joker in free mode before committing to the paid version. Newer players might like the regular reels and the good payouts. Aggressive gamers may tire of these reels, while smart players will steer clear of the Supermeter.

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