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Booming Games Slot Reviews

In history, a city that grew quickly because of strategic relation to a growing industry was called a “boom town”. A company that exhibits rapid growth despite still being relatively new to its industry doesn’t have a name, but if it did, would we call it a “boom business?”. There’s a particular company I have in mind that would fit this description, and appropriately, it’s called Booming Games. On the company website, it promises to BOOM its clients to the top of the gaming industry, and it has succeeded so far.

As of 2017, the company had only been in business for 3 years, but it had the gaming portfolio of a company that had been making games for 20 years or more. With a sizable following of favorites such as Dolphin’s Luck, Booming 7, Animal Party and Cherry Bomb Deluxe, Booming Games has quickly become a viral success, both in and of itself and with its long list of successful clients.

Here is a review of the entire Booming Games operation, and an overview of the video slots that have made the company an (almost) instant hit in the online casino gaming sector.

The History of Booming Games

Founded in 2014 in the Isle of Man (located in the Irish Sea between the Ireland and Great Britain), Booming Games has expanded fast. It has expanded into offices in London, Athens and Manila, the company has footholds in some of the largest online gambling markets worldwide. So how has Booming Games grown so fast? Part of it has been concentration of resources. While some companies stretch themselves too thin by trying to dominate multiple channels of the casino industry, Booming Games was focusing intensely on only the online casino gaming market, and even more specifically, online video slots.

More recently, Booming Games has been trying to break into the Asian casino gambling market, announcing budding partnerships with Xin Gaming and Asia Gaming, two of the largest players in the Asian online casino market.

The company has had enormous success in working with alternative currencies (bitcoin, et al) and creative collaborations in various markets and jurisdictions.

Where and How Are Booming Games Played?

Because of their momentous success in such a short time, Booming Games has had no problem making arrangements for their games to be played on a wide array of online casino sites. Here’s a list of online casinos that offer players the option to play Booming Games for real money and bitcoin, as well as for free on a few. Keep in mind this list is not exhaustive, but includes many of the most popular casino sites that carry Booming Games:

  • Interwetten Casino
  • Casino777
  • Noxwin
  • Jetbull Casino
  • Tipos
  • Vbet
  • be Casino
  • Artemis Bet
  • ExclusiveBet
  • NetBet Casino

The advantage of partnering with so many casinos is that Booming Games library of video slots are accessible by a huge slice of the world. Casinos that work well in almost all European Languages and are licensed under so many jurisdictions, players in almost every country where gambling on the internet is legal.

Booming Games makes only slots, which has contributed to its success in the area. While other companies are trying to succeed in slots, bingo, table games and more, Booming Games works only on slots, and as a result, as of 2017 the company had over 50 to its name.

Booming Games offerings are playable on a variety of different types of software, specific to each casino site. Language, currency and bonuses are all specific to different online casinos, but the upside of having such a large number of clients is that players have a wide choice in the way of sites in which to invest.

One unique strategy that Booming Games has taken on their road to success is having a willingness to provide games to bitcoin driven sites. The team behind Booming Games clearly sees a future for cryptocurrency, and has no issues with putting their stock (and investment) in it for the long run.

Much of Booming Games’ portfolio is also available online to be played for free, and without investing real money, which many players prefer. In this situation, Booming Games’ games are available for instant play, and don’t need any sort of download, whereas some online casinos make users download playing software before taking part.

A Taste of Booming Games’ Online Slot Games

If you want to try it before you buy it, so to speak, you can see why Booming Games has been such a quick favorite in the online slot gaming sector. Here is a little peak at what you’ll be getting with Booming Games’ wares:

Booming Seven Slots – A blanket term for a series of slots under the Booming Seven name, these games are meant as a throwback to a time when slot games were simpler, only with a more modern feel to them. First, Booming Sevens games are a classic, 3 reel setup with a twist; unlike older slots, Booming Sevens pays out in all directions, giving it 9 paylines in total.

The result? A slot with a classical feel, with improvements such as modern, sleek gameplay and innovative winlines. After only a few spins in the classic Booming Sevens games, I was hooked, and there are multiple iterations on the same concept that promise to keep the players hooked for hours.

Arabia – Despite their short history, Booming Sevens has managed to produce a few slots that have spread in popularity like wildfire among the company’s player base. Few slots illustrate this concept more than Arabia, a fun, lighthearted slot that takes place in the deserts of the Middle East. It incorporates all the aspects of a wildly successful slot — a wild reel, the chance to win free spins and the opportunity to gamble with your winnings — combined with a user friendly interface and a interesting theme and concept to result in a game that has spread like wildfire with the communities that truly appreciate well made slots.

Another thing I appreciate with Booming Games’ wares is how easy they are to learn for beginners. When the game loads, there’s a label on the relevant buttons and the game contains an informative help screen. For a first time slot player who might find the prospect of entering the world of slot gaming intimidating, this is an enormous boost and may contribute to how quickly the games have spread.

Cherry Bomb Deluxe – Cherry Bomb Deluxe is, as the name suggests, a slot that combines themes of fireworks and fruit, resulting in a video slot that is truly addictive. Like many other Booming slots, players have the opportunity to win free spins, activate a special wild reel and use the winnings from a winning spin to gamble in an opportunistic method of attempting to multiply their payout, culminating in a highly entertaining video slot.

Combine these aspects with a marching band in the background, festive animations and seamless gameplay, and players are struck with an image of some sort of outdoor festival or holiday while they play this engaging slot game.

The Bottom Line: Booming Games

One thing is very clear: this small handful of developers that started a company in a small Island off the coasts of Ireland & England probably couldn’t have imagined that it would grow this large and certainly didn’t imagine that their company would become such a large sensation in only a few years of operation. But, as they would say, Booming Games has truly BOOM’d their way into the market.

How did they do it? In part due to a great growth plan and the willingness to work with almost any client, as well as the good judgement not to stretch their resources too far too quickly and focus on what they do best: slot games.

Where will Booming Games be in another 3 years? As of 2017, we think the sky is the limit for this burgeoning star of the industry. What’s certain is that the company will have many more games when 2020 rolls around and perhaps many more immensely popular games. Who knows? Maybe Booming Games will reach the same heights as industry giants like Aristocrat, Blueprint and 888.

What we do know is that you can’t go wrong with Booming Games and its ever growing portfolio. If you’re looking for a line of games to spend your money on, join one of the hundreds of online casinos that carry the company’s games — we’re pretty sure you won’t regret it.


Total Rating (4.76)