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The Crackdown

Breaking Bad was a major hit on AMC, as it managed to find an entertaining way to look at the life of a chemistry teacher turned meth cook. While The Crackdown slot machine from Booming Games changes things up just enough to avoid any lawsuits, it should come as no surprise where they draw their inspiration from.

This is a five-reel slot with 15 paylines, and wagers range from 0.03 to 45.00. The symbols are made up of a mixture of cops, crooks, and drugs, and the ominous music underscores the sinister effects of meth on those foolish enough to use it. A gamble option is also included, as well as free spins with an expanding icon.

Free Spins

This bonus is activated when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, at which point the player is awarded 10 free spins. During the feature, the bonus can be re-triggered by getting another combination of scatters.

Expanding Symbol

Before the free spins begin, the player must randomly select an icon to act as the expanding symbol. However, the wild, special, and scatter are not eligible.

At the conclusion of each free spin, the regular payline wins are calculated. If three or more expanding symbols appear on at least three different reels, then the symbols expand vertically and offer another round of payouts. Unfortunately, the wild does not substitute for the expanding icons.

Gamble Option

If the player gets a winning payline, they can collect their money or attempt to double it with the gamble option. In order to choose the latter, just click the “Gamble” button located in the lower right of the screen.

The player is then presented with images of an outlaw biker and a law enforcement agent. One of these individuals must be selected, at which point the computer randomly selects one, as well. If your selection matches, then you double your money. Otherwise, the current payout is lost.

If a player is lucky enough, they can choose the gamble option up to 10 times in a row or until their winnings reach 10,000.00 in real casino money. However, keep in mind that even a single incorrect pick results in a forfeiture of all recent cash.

Pay Table for Crackdown

Skipping the pay table is a big mistake, although it’s nowhere near as foolish as cooking and selling crank. This section is available on all land-based and virtual slots, and it provides details regarding symbols, paylines, cash prizes, and bonus features.

Booming Games uses a dynamic pay table, which means the listed value changes to reflect the amount of money wagered by the player. In the following examples, I risked 0.10 on each payline, resulting in a total bet of 1.50 per spin.

  • Police Vehicle – This rugged vehicle can pursue drug dealers on the highways and through the roughest of terrain. When part of a winning payline, it awards 0.50 for three matches, 2.00 for four, and 5.00 for five.
  • NEA Agent – A knockoff of a DEA agent, this figure pays 1.00 for three matches, 1.50 for four, and 7.00 for five.
  • Tactical Officer – When the cops are expecting heavy resistance, they rely on these armored agent to deal out punishment to the bad guys and clear the way. Pays 2.00 for three matches, 5.00 for four, and 10.00 for five.
  • Biker – This masked individual is obviously up to no good, and his affiliation with an outlaw motorcycle club means that he’s likely dealing drugs or running guns to anyone willing to pay. This icon is worth 2.50 for three matches, 7.50 for four, and 20.00 for five.
  • Meth Cook – In the mold of Walter White from Breaking Bad, this cook works in an isolated facility to produce an almost endless supply of methamphetamines. Pays 5.00 for three matches, 15.00 for four, and 150.00 for five.
  • Pile of Crystal Meth – This powerful and toxic drug has caused massive problems in the United States, and its blue sheen is once again inspired by the hit drama series from AMC. Pays 7.50 for three matches, 15.00 for four, and 30.00 for five. As the game’s scatter symbol, wins can be generated without falling into any particular configuration. Also, three or more icons trigger the free spins bonus.
  • Pile of Cash – Money is the ultimate goal of drug dealers, so it’s appropriate that this icon is the most valuable in the game (with a top value of 45,000.00). It pays 10.00 for three matches, 25.00 for four, and 1500.00 for five. As the game’s wild symbol, it substitutes for all icons except the scatter.


Booming Games makes their slots exclusively for the online crowd, so you’ll need to sign up with a virtual casino in order to try their titles. They’re primarily available in European and South American gaming establishments, although U.S. customers might get lucky and find a few that cater to the North American market.


The Crackdown slot machine offers a generous top payout of 45,000.00, and the range of betting options makes it perfect for players with a low to intermediate bankroll. I would prefer to see more variety on the free spins bonus, although the expanding symbol gives it an extra punch not found in all the company’s titles. Ultimately, this is a solid online slot that should provide hours of entertainment, especially for those who cheered on Walter White during Breaking Bad’s run on television.

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